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  1. I made these yesterday: So good! Not sure how to add a pic of my final product though
  2. Hi there! Long time EB reader...1st time poster. Thought I'd add to the spam... since I'm going a little stir crazy waiting for my SE results. Have you tried this calculator from the IRS? It'll tell you what you'll owe or get back at the end of the year, and how to configure your withholdings for the rest of the year, if you need/want to adjust your return/refund. It also has a spot for your 401k and HSA... just make sure to check the boxes for the "tax deferred retirement plan" (for your 401k) and the "cafeteria or other pre-tax plan" (for your HSA/FSA deductions) under the General Information section on Page 2. I mis-understood those boxes at first, and got a bit of a scare about how much I could have owed!
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