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  1. roy167

    Helpful Reference

    I have this book, only problem I have with this book is even the problems are solved in a wordy manner making it difficult to quickly navigate. During exam you are not going to have so much time. I wish they made it more numerical or large foot print so it would be easy to reference.
  2. Congrats and nice and precise write up.
  3. roy167

    April 2019

    Oh that's quite a ways. I need not worry. If I don't get my PE within a year or so then I'm not going to take test anyway.
  4. roy167

    April 2019

    Does anyone know the PE exam is going Computer based?
  5. roy167


    The NCEES syllabus says 2017 NEC code will be used but they don't mention what version of 70E will be used. 2018 is available. Is that okay to buy 2018 NFPA70 E? Also there is a NEC 70E handbook, I think you just need standard and not the handbook for 70E. https://catalog.nfpa.org/NFPA-70E-and-Handbook-Set-P14091.aspx Can someone confirm these points?
  6. roy167


    I thought NEC code and NFPA 70E is the same thing but then number of previous test takers have mentioned about the 3 resources to have. So I am really confused? I think 70E is the arc flash book. So you do need 3 books. NEC code book (2017), NFPA70E and NESC. For e.g. Someone who took a test in 2014 -15 wrote this: NEC 2014 Handbook - Tabbed it and highlighted it. I prefer the handbook over the code book. Just a personal preference. NFPA 70E - Used it for one problem on the exam. Maybe wasn't needed, but it was helpful and I'm glad I had it. NESC - Needed the whole copy for the exam. Not just the table of contents and scope.
  7. roy167


    I think they only reference which year NEC to use. I am not aware of NESC and NFPA
  8. roy167


    For 2019 exam I believe the NEC used will be 2017. Correct me if I'm wrong. How about NESC, NFPA70e? Can you buy any version or does it have to specific year?
  9. Yes I'm looking at a review class as well.
  10. Hey guys, recently passed FE exam and was wondering if I would have enough time between now and April. I can put 8 hour each on Saturday and Sunday and 3-5 hours total(for 5 days) during the week day. That should be 20 -22 hours a week.
  11. roy167

    Need Chelapati Volume 1

    If you have this and want to sell it please PM me. Thanks
  12. There are several big books and it is getting daunting. Do you scan through whatever reference material you have and then start taking practice tests? I have bought the standard recommended books here. So far I have quickly glanced through Grianger book. Too much theory. I have read some chapters properly but 90% of the stuff was flip through. Do you sequence through various books in a particular fashion? I am looking to go for a test in April 2019.
  13. roy167

    NEC Code Book Vs TextBook

    Why do you say so?
  14. roy167

    NEC Code Book Vs TextBook

    Yes Handbook would be a proper term. So it is Handbook Vs Code book. What do people find easier to use etc.
  15. roy167

    PE Power Sample Exam

    Power system analysis - By Grainger International edition has very small text and hard to read? Have you guys experienced this? If this a key book I want to make sure I go through it but the print is not very encouraging. Anyone has any suggestions? Is there a US edition in better print?