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  1. So the bottom line is process is arduous. Far and few would put themselves through this process. Shouldn't we start earning $10-20K more than before? I haven't seen that light bulb moment yet.
  2. Going through application process, FE , PE , long wait for results, requires a lot of energy and dedication. One should do this when they are relatively young. One does feel relieved after they pass.
  3. As I was going through the exam, I thought it would be kind of cool to keep in touch with the PE material such as fault analysis, PU, PF correction, voltage drop etc etc even after I pass, so you don't forget. After 2-3 months of passing, I don't want to visit the PE material. I will visit these topics on as needed basis, required to get the job done but not just like that. It is amazing how fast the stuff changes. I find that stuff is lot different when you are in the "mood" vs not in the mood.
  4. I found this to be way overkill for PE exam. Might be a good reference book for an EE but I did not think it would be helpful for PE exam. I bought it and then returned it after a week or so.
  5. I'm coming out of self exiled mode. The person said they weren't posting in this forum because I was annoying them. I have not posted for two months and that person isn't posting either. We always need some or the other excuse. Sounds familiar, "because of you, I'm not doing this....". To answer the topic, why isn't NCEES thinking about a CBT exam yet you can take the reference material as you are allowed to take now? Only change would be, you would read the question on computer screen and check the bubbles, a lot cleaner, a lot more efficient, reduce the errors to a great extent, no need to deal with physical test papers and transportation and delay and they don't have to think about how change in exam format is going to affect what. Govt can't think out of the box.
  6. I believe Z(old) and Z (new) is confusing and I believe I brought it to Justin's notice . Z old in the 1st line should be Z new. 2nd line, Z new and Z old values do not match. Go by the basic formula S = (V^2 /Z) S1 = V1^2/Z1 and S2 = V2^2/Z2 subscript 1 = 480 volts or old voltage 2= 400 volts or new voltage v1^2/z1 = v2^2/z2 ( since reactive power KVAR is same) plug and chug, you should get z2 , z1 is already given difference = z1-z2 In real world , impedance should remain same for the given Kvar rating and if you apply different voltage than rated then you should see corresponding change in Kvar??? Problem needs to state some how or give an indication that the kvar rating is the same in both cases.
  7. You would need this sub forum more than me. So I think you should stay here and I won't post any more in this sub forum. All the best.
  8. Hey guys, I passed my FE and PE from NY board. My undergraduate degree is from a foreign country, so I didn't do a degree evaluation and even without points for degree I had about 20 yrs of industrial experience which qualified me for Power PE in NY board. Will I be eligible to transfer my license to CA and or Texas? without more tests etc? The presumption here is I met all the prerequisite which made me eligible to take FE and PE. I understand for civil engineers they may need to take additional exams because of the geographical region but for power PE I hope it is just a matter of registration, fees etc. Can someone who have gone through this or know about how this work please comment on this?
  9. Trust me, I can see how it can be to get on that horse again. I firmly believe those who pass on the subsequent attempts is much more resilient, deserve much more kudos than the first time time passers. I pray for your success this time.
  10. Hello future test takers, don't you want to pass? I would think at least someone would be discussing something every few days with 4 months left? Unless there are not many Power PE takers this fall.
  11. This might give a wrong impression to someone as it did it to me once. After 2 or 3 questions on different topics I was directed to review the course material. I was asking these questions after I had already studied for few months. I perfectly understand unless you have signed up for a personal coaching, it is difficult for any teacher to respond to so many folks. I just want folks to have a reasonable expectation. The Class is great BTW.
  12. Pass you exam before they tighten the screw! Once you get your license, everyone is at Par. There may be a thing in place to limit the licenses to keep the prestige intact. If a lot of engineers have a license then license will lose the value and thrill.
  13. The point I'm making is even if all the questions were repeated, it would still be of no help. Unless I have those questions in front of me, I practice upon them and then retest. At this point it is all vague memory.
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