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  1. Isn't troll a bad word? Should I be even getting anywhere near PE if that's what I want to do in life? 😅
  2. I am not sure why people are doing this? Is it even funny?
  3. If there is truly a loophole, I think it should show "This exam has been already passed". Nothing short of that should amount to anything. Which means NCEES has updated their record but your state board has not gone in and approved after which it shows "passed" green in your dashboard. Temporary unable to register doesn't tell us much in how the software functions.
  4. Do you see how your's say exam of this type has already been passed? After you pass the exam, this is how it should show. My FE results say the same. No one has been able to see this for 2019 exam. I believe some people are not seeing green available for some disciplines, they are seeing unable to register red text, which is different than exam of this type has already been passed. If anyone, was able to see this, then it's no brainer they passed the exam.
  5. Not necessary, nobody trolls NCEES website to find out these nuances. Apparently some of us pushes every button that is found on NCEES. Most people believe there is no way to find out the results unless the NCEES let's them out, some of us experiment with different stuff.
  6. Op meant to say, you shouldn't see any green if you passed.
  7. That's what I meant, NCEES has the scores first and they are the ones to update the website, they then give it to your state board . Assuming NCEES already updated the scores and I see few greens , that means the state board got the results , so why would state board take 4 weeks? Is what I was thinking but this is all speculation and even if one assumption is not right then everything falls apart.
  8. What's all this with cryptic posts? Is this loophole a joke or for real? Logically thinking, it seems plausible as, if you passed, then registration should not be available to you. This is what is getting me worried. It seems implausible, as the results are still 4 weeks out there, if the board already got the results, they won't take 4 weeks to disseminate.
  9. That's a new twist to the SAGA. This can be a fun game.
  10. Code book has less pages, easy to navigate/handle. Graphics in handbook wasn't much helpful at least for the exam I took in 2019. If you are some what familiar, which everyone should be familiar before going in for PE exam, I think code book or hand book makes no difference. In fact, due to less volume, code book may be easy to navigate. On an exam day, you are looking to answer 10-12 questions. As long as you can do that quickly and efficiently then that's all that matters. Only issue I have with code book is printing is not the greatest/sharp. So if your eyes are sharp then this is non issue. I bought handbook based on the recommendation but in hindsight, could get the same result with code book. I have the code book in my office, that's how I know.
  11. I have been fretting over why results take so long but on a 2nd thought scared of the D day when the results are available to see. I'm told you get notified by e-mail that you can see your results by logging in to NCEES account. I bet people think few times before they muster up courage to login to NCEES when such time comes.
  12. While we await results, I would like to gather information that would be helpful to folks to advance their career or use PE license effectively. Of course, this is assuming we will pass. There is nothing wrong with arming with the information/knowledge whether pass/fail. Let me start why did I go for PE. My job doesn't actually require it but having a PE license will give me a edge working with utilities/stamping my own studies. The reason I went for PE is, I had been in 24/7 manufacturing world in my previous job for last 20 yrs and as I age, I wanted to get away from hectic environment and move towards more of office engineering/design world where there is no 24/7 machine hanging on top of your head. Also, I thought if you have time, why not try it? Having PE may not give you a whole lot of edge but it can't hurt. It can only help but not hurt. You can apply to places where the prerequisite is PE without which you can't even think of applying. Please share info as to why did you go for PE? What do you hope to get out of it? What professions you are targeting. What professions can we get into as a PE? Anything that will be useful. You get the gist of purpose of this thread.
  13. Why not send it to ALL test takers? if it is about exam experience, it should have been sent to all examinees.
  14. I got one. Hope doesn't mean I failed it. If you look at the questions, it seems to be along the lines of exam experience so I doubt it indicates anything pass or fail. Also, Even for FE which was CBT, it took them a good week to post results, I doubt the NCEES already knows who passed and who failed on paper/pencil based exam. The NCEES does say that NCEES makes results available to board in 8-10 weeks, so it is too early to say anything whether someone passed or failed. I think this is just a post exam survey either everyone got it or randomly selected people got it.
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