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  1. roy167

    How is the font size of the exam

    I have my hand written notes/ remarks on my binder pages in black ball pen. Hope it doesn't look like written with NCEES pencil. I wouldn't want to photocopy all these pages as it is too much work. I would think by now NCEES would know that people can use black ballpen and it looks similar to pencil. May be their Pencil print is distinguishable and won't be confused with our ball pen. Can someone comment on this?
  2. roy167

    How is the font size of the exam

    Mechanical pencils may be good for bubbling etc. If you have to quickly draw diagrams, solve problems etc may be hard to use especially if they don't give you a soft lead pencil such as 2B etc. I also find that the tips break easily. I haven't heard many people complaining so might be okay, will find out in a month.
  3. EB has links to topics such as ground resistance testing, instrument transformers, lighting protection , surge protection. Many people are printing the reference material and putting it in their binder. Do you think this really helps? the topics are so vast and hence the type of questioning could be just about anything. I'm thinking your practical industrial experience is a key here more than a reference material per say. What are you thoughts? If it was a book on above topics that would be a different thing, as book has to cover a lot of details. But user manuals from companies like fluke, megger, GE ...I don't know how much that can help in answering PE exam questions.
  4. roy167

    How is the font size of the exam

    May be a silly question. They provide you pencil and eraser? How many pencils do they provide you? How about the sharpener?
  5. Curious what the font size is of the actual exam? My eyes are borderline right now so wondering whether I should carry reading glasses. The font size is very comfortable in NCEES practice exam. If the actual exam is close then I won't need reading glasses. Just curious Also, can you take 2 calculators with you (one backup ) or backup one you will need to keep in locker.
  6. roy167

    Complex Imaginary Volume 2 Problem 5

    Power flows from Gen to Bus A to B to C. If there is fault in CB 6 then CB 8 can not be back up. If power flew in both directions then 8 could be back. I think in above case, if 6 fails to open then 4 should be next back up. Since 5& 6 are in the same zone.
  7. roy167

    2017 Complex Imaginary

    I am going through complex imaginary code drill problem book. In the answer key, the page reference number does not match, code reference does match. I wish both were correct that way you can verify your answer. Can someone confirm this is problem or I am missing something.
  8. roy167

    Helpful Reference

    My only problem with this book is, it is wordy and author has solved problems like you write text book in lines. Problems should look like problems not text. In any case, I would spend little time in looking over so you know where to find the information as the information is presented in a very compact form.
  9. roy167

    Helpful Reference

    I'm going through Wayne Beaty second time and finding it useful. For those of you, if you have time and looking for more practice, please get this book, may be able to find under 30 bucks on ebay. I did not like it the first time because of wordiness but as you prepare more, you also know more and hence the stuff is less boring when you can work the problem. 😁
  10. roy167

    Time Management

    Have you used anything besides CI drill book to prepare for NEC code problems? or Just reading and following the CI drill guidance and then work all the practice and this should prepare you for the code problems? Code is my weaker area. Thanks
  11. So far I have done Spinup, Complex Imaginary, Graffeo, ENgPROguide exams. A lot of people know spinup is very basic, leave that aside. Even in the other practice tests, I have not seen problems on equivalent diagrams of induction motor, transformer, AC/DC motors. Iron losses, copper losses, starting torque etc. I don't think these are terribly hard problems that exam won't ask. So the fact that these professional did not include in their exams is because the exam doesn't go to that level? You don't want to prepare on higher difficulty level and not being able to answer simple ones because your focus was different and you prepared it differently than what the exam asks you.
  12. roy167

    Time Management

    katy, I haven't even started preparing for code problems yet for April exam. I just got CI drill book and busy with going through other material. If you allot a week or two to code problem is that enough? studying 1 hour on weekdays and 5-6 hours on weekend. I bought Tom's Index, did you use any tabs to find the info quickly? We need to get most of the code problems right because you know they are in the code book. Rest of the stuff is wide open.
  13. roy167

    Time Management

    Thanks Katy, that's very helpful summary. So it looks like you can write on your question paper? Is this correct? When do you bubble answer sheet? As you go? or at the end? or you can bubble 5 or 10 at a time?
  14. roy167

    CBT Power PE Exam 2021

    Going from paper based to CBT will be a huge change. I'm thinking it will take few exams before they figure out the right difficulty level where certain percentage of people pass. Kind of like curving or relative scoring. This may be advantageous for folks like us as we get to try paper based and if you pass then there is nothing to further do but if you don't pass then always can give it a try with CBT to see if you have a luck there. People before us and after CBT won't have this flexibility.
  15. roy167

    Is Wildi too much?

    Wildi is a great book. It covered concepts but then immediately it is followed by examples which is what we need for PE because PE is more going to be about solving problems. First few chapters are great but when it gets into power electronics then I find Wildi goes on and on and I ended by skimming through. What is your take on this?