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  1. Does anyone know of any certification course for free to not so expensive? I'm in the protection world and would like to add a certification course to my resume and also learn some concepts.
  2. Folks, this must have been agonizing. The worst may be over, the grades are definitely coming out next week. I don't know why NCEES can't put a firm date when they are 2 weeks from publishing the results saving folks anxiety. At the beginning there might be a lot of variables but after 5-6 weeks of exam, they have a clear picture and should be able to put out a firm date towards the end. Once they give you a date, you mentally prepare yourself to wait till that time and you know there is nothing you can do.
  3. Tsunami is coming today. Give us the good news folks!!!
  4. If the repeat question was way too difficult then it wouldn't matter. if the repeat question was way too easy then it wouldn't matter either. It would matter if it was mid level, those who got it right got it right twice and those we got it wrong got it wrong twice and this can be beneficial and harmful. Regardless, a lot of people put a lot of hours, so this shouldn't happen. I believe they might just throw this question out and people will be curved based on 78 questions, that should make it fair. Fortunately there is easy way to fix this goof up and that is to throw the two questions out. A lot of times, you don't even have that option.
  5. I think that was a trick question to see if same person comes with same choice after due diligence in the morning and in afternoon session, otherwise you know that person was playing some video game.
  6. That goes to show how genius test makers are.
  7. I recently received PE license from NY state. I heard you need to complete certain PDUs every 3 yrs? Also do you have to pay registration fee every 3 yrs to remain active? Also how about if your job doesn't require PE stamp, can you go inactive and not pay the registration and activate when you need it? Under what circumstances your PE licence can become inactive ( Barring doing some bad stuff)
  8. I'm power systems engineer doing coordination and arc flash studies in my current role. I recently passed Power PE exam. I was wondering how I can advance my career? Is joining some consultancy firm a way to advance your career? Can you please provide some ideas on job postings where I can utilize PE and advance my carrier. I know there are many positions which require PE as a prerequisite.
  9. You can apply derating on 90c table values but the final cable ampacity can not exceed 75C rating for the given AWG.
  10. roy167

    Infinite Bus

    In your example, assuming infinite primary fault current the secondary fault MVA would be .750 MVA/% Z, let's say 5% transformer impedance = .750/0,05 = 15 MVA You can use MVA method too. let's say the Fault MVA on primary side is infinity(99999999 MVA) and transformer fault mva is .750/.05 = 15MVA (1/99999999 + 1/15)^-1 = 14.9999 MVA If the Primary fault level is 20,000 MVA then (1/20,000+ 1/15)^-1 = 15 MVA I think this is where you may have got 20,000, anything over 20,000 MVA in this case will not change the fault level on the secondary side of the transformer.
  11. Some calculator may require little screw driver to pop open the cover to replace battery, not sure if exam would allow this as this may be considered as weapon. I replaced the batteries at home , took two calculators to the exam. Without calculator you fail the exam. Importance of calculator is right at par with ID. Without ID, you can't get in the exam hall. Without Calculator, you can't pass the exam.
  12. I relied to look more in my notes on topics such as reliability, NEC code problems, megger, insulation testing etc, something you don't do everyday and has a tendency to forget. On other regular electrical engineering topics such as Power factor calculation, Wye/Delta problems, Per unit problems, I relied more on my practice leading up to the exam, knowing in my head than referring material notes. Obviously, notes are there to refer in case you forget some formula or concept. For e.g. PU 7-8 formulas, I totally relied on my memory. This speeds things up considerably. Also, when you practice for 3-4 months a lot of these things stick in your head anyway. Too much reliance on notes, reference material can backfire. Leading upto exam, we should already know steps and concepts on how to solve many of the problems, a lot of them from back of mind. You may find there is not too much time to keep flipping back and forth, the nervousness also kicks in. I organized my theory notes by the same topics as listed in official syllabus. I filed all problems by the same topic but in a seperate folder. I did this so as to not have one topic which is voluminous, making search longer. If I knew, I needed to look up problems then I skip the theory folder and go right to the problem folder. There are people really good at organizing, neatness, methodical, I knew up front I was not one of them. I was more of a memory type. Whatever you end up doing besure to tab your material.
  13. The way to remember this is FLC - C means code value FLA- A means actual values, name plate values. For sizing conductor, use the FLC values, the reason being if you change the motor etc, you may not change the conductor, so that has to be the worst case value. Due to efficiency, different manufactures, the name plate value will vary. For setting the overload etc, one need to use the actual value.
  14. That's what prompted me to ask those questions.
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