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  1. Why did you say "Not so much in Kentucky", and how would you use PE in Fire Safety to make money?
  2. Would you please post the diagnostics sheet? Thank you
  3. MDM failed with 45/80. I think the passing score is 49/80 which is 61.25%.
  4. Mechanical - Machine Design and Material. Did you pass? Why did you choose Fire Protection? Is there good money and job opportunities in Kentucky?
  5. That is interesting I received the result 11:38 am EST. May I please ask what exam you took?
  6. This is a very serious post. Kentucky Board of Engineers and Land Surveyors released PE exam results on December 6, 2018, at 11:38 am EST. Please update your maps.
  7. I took PE Mechanical exam in Machine design and Material field in Kentucky, in October 2018. Unfortunately, I failed. My score is 45/80, which is 56.25%.
  8. For Mechanical MDM in October 2018, what is the highest failing score you heard so far?
  9. I took ME - Mechanical MDM in October 2018 in Kentucky. I will definitely let you know about failing score
  10. Don't buy Engr Pro guide, but buy practice exam from NCEES. EMRM is definitely a must for PE exam. May I ask how much you studied for the exam? and how many years of experience you have?
  11. Yes, you will know your score if you fail. There will be a diagnostic chart which shows how many questions you get correct in every subject area. Good Luck
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