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  1. I don't think the board will make a special exception to you since then they would have to provide this to everyone. It's only one more year though. You can study and prepare yourself for both exams thoroughly and get all your forms together so that once you hit that two year mark you can sit for your tests in the next quarter and get your license as quick as possible.
  2. popskiller

    November 2018 Seismic Exam

    That's a realistic timeline. Monday? I could see that as a very real possibility. Next week? I could see this happening as well.
  3. popskiller

    1st quarter 2019 approvals

    What is the procedure if someone was approved in CA to take the 8 hour 2 years ago but was unable to study for it and took only survey and passed survey. She just now got around to to the 8 hour in october and received the news she had passed. Now she only has the seismic test left. How should she proceed since she seems to be in a fairly unique situation?
  4. popskiller

    November 2018 Seismic Exam

    Everyone who took seismic or survey in month of november will all get their results at the same time.
  5. popskiller

    November 2018 Seismic Exam

    Was he referring to the LS exams or the CA survey exams?
  6. popskiller

    November 2018 Seismic Exam

    I'm losing hope that results will be released this week since they are probably busy releasing the October PE results. I think early next week is the best bet.
  7. popskiller

    Florida Results Released

    You'll see once you've gotten your PE it's all just harmless fun.
  8. popskiller

    November 2018 Seismic Exam

    Similar difficulty in my opinion. Different wording though for some of them. There were at least 5 I had no idea what to do or where to start but don't let those kinds of problems stress you out.
  9. popskiller

    November 2018 Seismic Exam

    I think that is really good quite honestly. I counted myself about 28-29 I knew for sure I got right and then about 15 I was more 50/50 on and I passed even with that mindset.
  10. popskiller

    November 2018 Seismic Exam

    The last few months including last month it came around the 8-11th. I am guessing early next week but I hope I'm wrong and it is this week. I am awaiting survey as well since it is my last test I need to pass.
  11. popskiller

    October Test Results

    I used Hiner's workbook and videos. PM and I can get you more info. I used Hiner's workbook and videos. PM and I can get you more info. You too.
  12. popskiller

    October Test Results

    Just got my seismic results for October. I passed! Survey test this friday and then I am all done. Can anyone verify if the survey results have been released yet?