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  1. popskiller

    My take on PE Surveying. Anybody agree?

    Seismic is the exact same way. And quite frankly so is the national exam. Surveying is a part of many facets of civil engineering so having basic knowledge is not a big deal. This has to be the most dramatic post of all time. I'm assuming you went through 4 years of college and maybe a hundred exams that had "archaic" techniques you don't even use anymore and you're going to let one more fairly simple 2.5 hour exam bother you for more than a few seconds? Come on man. Thousands of others have passed this test and there is no reason you can't pass either with the information given to you by the board.
  2. popskiller

    December 2018 Test Results

    They send out two separate e-mails. Usually within the same hour of each other so sit tight.
  3. popskiller

    December 2018 Test Results

    Yeah last month I didn't get my e-mail till 4 PM and before that it was around 2 PM I believe so late afternoon is possible.
  4. popskiller

    1st quarter 2019 approvals

    Yup. I would recommend letting any other people you know taking the exam they should sign up for the 2nd month of testing as opposed to the 3rd month to avoid this very issue.
  5. popskiller

    December 2018 Test Results

    While this may be true in other states this is definitely not true in CA. New numbers are only added every two weeks. The quickest way will definitely be the e-mail from BPELSG.
  6. popskiller

    Hiner vs. EET

    I took Hiner's on demand webinar course. I managed to pass my first time using this. I've also heard EET is rock solid as well. The reason I went with Hiner is to support him as a small business and he didn't let me down. He's also incredibly responsive to e-mails.
  7. popskiller

    CA License Watch Oct. 2018

    Ahhh yes. My work was actually okay with me just letting them know I passed my last CA test since my application has been approved and I was able to even sit for the tests that means I have already met all their requirements other than the two CA tests. They e-mailed me letting me know now that my reimbursement has been approved.
  8. popskiller

    CA License Watch Oct. 2018

    I think the last dates number were added on December 7th which was just 24 hours after your results. I believe they may run another batch before christmas but if not definitely after the new year. Hopefully time isn't of the essence since it will just be a few more weeks.
  9. popskiller

    November 2018 Seismic Exam

    I used Reza! Also. Are there any steps we need to take next? I think we just wait for our number and they will mail out the certificate. Right? Can someone please confirm this?
  10. popskiller

    November 2018 Seismic Exam

    Just passed survey. Finally registered. Good luck to all!
  11. popskiller

    November 2018 Seismic Exam

    Doesn't that mean we'd have to wait till the 17th since the 14th is a friday?
  12. popskiller

    November 2018 Seismic Exam

    Yeah no looks like I'll have to make a new one for next week. I think it's too late at this point.
  13. popskiller

    November 2018 Seismic Exam

    I have a 7:30 dinner reservation for tonight to celebrate passing and finally being registered that I will be canceling at 4 PM if I haven't heard anything by then...
  14. I honestly can't say if they do that or not. I don't see why this would allow you to take the test early since they offer the test in 3 month windows in which you can pick any day that works for you. Good luck to you but you might just have to wait this one out.
  15. I don't think the board will make a special exception to you since then they would have to provide this to everyone. It's only one more year though. You can study and prepare yourself for both exams thoroughly and get all your forms together so that once you hit that two year mark you can sit for your tests in the next quarter and get your license as quick as possible.