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  1. I took the Environmental PE in April 2018, nearly 40 years after graduating college. I studied for three months, about 200 hours total. I brought in Lindeburg’s PE reference manual and two outdated college textbooks (Wark & Warner; Metcalfe & Eddy). I did not take a review course I passed on my first attempt. A few months later, I sat for and passed the FE Environmental after studying around 250 hours on my own. The FE was a breeze - even 40 years out of school. The PE AM session was extremely difficult. The PE PM session was fairly easy. I didn’t need the library of books that some here brought in with them. Frankly, I don’t own many books. I took both exams with medical conditions that limited my ability to sit. I prayed and had Christian friends and my wife cover me in prayer during both exams. Normally sitting for an 8 hour test would have been extremely difficult and painful, but I barely felt any pain and did not take pain meds. I was stunned at how easy the FE was. The PE afternoon portion was also easy. I’m going to take the CHMM exam and I think that will be harder than the PE. My advice is to pace your studying and give yourself 2-3 months; bring in 3-4 books you are familiar with; get a lot of sleep the night before; and do not fret over it. I passed it four decades after taking college classes, so recent grads should find the FE and PE a manageable challenge.
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