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  1. A big firm in my city did a group purchase for the course and a dozen engineers who participated shared the cost. I paid like $150 for the whole thing.
  2. A hidden gem in reviewing course, IMO, is ASCE's review webinar. Their materials for AM are very comprehensive
  3. Michigan is out, about 14:30 cst
  4. Come on, the exam date is October 26...I'm disappointed by the Photoshopers this year
  5. Good point. And he blacked out his favorite (I'm guessing pornography) sites in his bookmark bar. Also the post was brought to you by the movie Iceman.
  6. Good one. But PE agriculture exam is offered once a year, it is updated in May so not December. Please try again.
  7. Sure! We'll pay special attention to grammar and spelling mistakes in our spam emails so they look professional
  8. Why don't you go to KY or MI? Much closer to PA
  9. shepherd90


    Or a member from a less represented ethnic group
  10. PASS: all the alcoholic drinks I have FAIL: Monsters because I'll be studying all night
  11. shepherd90


    This is just too real for me
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