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  1. The way I analyzed my own diagnostic after the first time I failed was highlighted any subject that I scored 50% or less on. I spent most of my time reviewing and doing practice problems on those areas. After looking at your diagnostics there was definitely improvement from the 1st attempt versus the 2nd. I think you're close but may need to review a few topics from the AM and PM sessions. I took water resources so I'm unable to recommend anything for the construction depth, although I highly recommend these sites for the AM session: https://civilpepractice.com/ https://www.peprepared.com/video-workshops (They sell these practice exams on amazon too) Prep courses are great for understanding your reference materials, but most fall short on practice problems in my opinion. Taking practice exams and doing problems was hands down the only reason I passed. I think I did about 300+ problems outside of my prep course.
  2. Wreckem

    Texas Results

    Passed WRE... can't believe it. In the AM session I felt confident on about 39 and wasn't sure on 1 (structures 😡) . The PM session I had solid answers for 25, a coin toss for 5 and completely blanked on 10. This test really knows how to break you down, but looking back it probably made us all better engineers. One thing I will say for anyone that didn't pass this time is don't let your previous results affect how you think you'll do the next time. My last try I was around 40/80, and after failing I took as many practice tests from various vendors as I could. Here are a few sites I highly recommend: https://www.peprepared.com/practice-exams (They sell these on amazon too for both AM and PM) https://civilpepractice.com/
  3. Wreckem

    Texas Results

  4. Wreckem

    Texas Results

    I'd try and get the day off and get your mind off of it. When I failed the first time driving really helped me deal with it for the day. Didn't matter where, just somewhere besides work or home.
  5. Wreckem

    Texas Results

    Exactly, I feel like I'd rather find out that way. Something about seeing red text that says "failed" really twists the knife.
  6. Wreckem

    Texas Results

    Are people receiving a follow up email saying what to do next if you passed? Or is that only if you had submitted your application prior to taking the exam.
  7. This was almost my exact experience... structures have always been my Achilles heel. Still waiting on Texas!
  8. Hopefully the madness stops after we get our results either pass or fail!
  9. Don't worry, RBHeadge will swat down this calendar logic soon enough
  10. I can't comment on what happens when you pass... failing on the other hand involves loud angry music and a bottle of whiskey.
  11. Skyrim is an offline game so he won't have to worry about screaming pre-teens. They have multiple games related to the series but this one is considered one of the best. The nice thing about older games is they're generally cheaper too. Switch games are nice because most of them actually have a resolution to them and don't keep getting updated for eternity like many modern games. As toony as Wind Waker is it was a great game as well, can't go wrong with Zelda.
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