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  1. No my psychic said that it will be 65, since everyone is complaining again.
  2. The cutscore is determined by the amount of times people post about it on this thread.
  3. But you have to remember you will fade to nothing then. Large exams do you mean the one that break people down mentally?
  4. Its a matter of pride and do not tell me i cannot accomplish that. My bachelor degree is Electrical Engineer Technology (ABET accredited 135 credits at graduation), over the years i have gotten annoyed with the attitude EET is worthless. Plus my company offers a very generous pay raise once you pass.
  5. Its back... Im so excited. @JayKay0914 lets discuss knickers theories again.....
  6. Messi chin up! Since you are an electrical engineer there is plenty of jobs out there. Hopefully you passed.
  7. @RadioBox i passed in october. I strongly remembering feeling the same thinking with the questions.
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