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  1. Yes yes. Earplugs is important.
  2. You have to be careful with the change from 2014 to 2017. NEC 2017 included alot of items on solar and battery charging sections.
  3. You should be aware exam day is a very brutal experience, 1.) You have to stand outside of the room while your checked in carrying all your books. Lets hope your not one of those people that brinks several boxes worth of books. 2.) Its an absolute mental game while your wait for the exam to start. Lets hope theres not my little pony convention next door or comic con. 3.) Lunch break is not long enough. At this time you will probably sit in your car and question your sanity of why you want to take this exam. 4.) PM session you will want to cry and hope for some mercy from the exam proctors. 5.) You really should read the NCEES examine handbook they do explain the calculator policy.
  4. I would not skip taking all the specified code books. Judging by the exam i took NCESS is looking to challenge you on all fronts.
  5. One thing, be prepared to be mentally fatigued by about 2pm.
  6. Purchase Tom Henrys book for NEC2017 it helps greatly.
  7. The trick for this exam is timing, reaction time and knowing your references.
  8. The on thing i can say is being able to answer questions fast is key. For the Am section i answered 30 question in 2.5 hours. The last 10 i spent 1.5 hours on. PM section 25 questions in 2 hours followed by the last 15 over 2 hours. The best thing i can say is the CI 4 practice exams help you recognize questions really fast. Towards the end i was working one of those exams in 4 hours. I recommend getting the following the practice exams: CI Engineers Guide to passing the Power Pe exam NCEES practice exam Engineering Pro guide and extra problems. ( I worked all of these exams several times until i could answer all the questions correctly).
  9. Agree they are pretty reasonable when you are nice to them.
  10. One word of advice, do not bug the engineering license board for ny. I have a coworker that called them idiots a few weeks ago, and i doubt they will process his license by commity.
  11. I would agree with this. You need to remember fundamentals and thought process.
  12. impressive ny must be trying to catch him again
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