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  1. Jimmythedude

    October 2018 Results Map

    I can’t even believe it, Florida out and I passed. Civil Geotech
  2. Jimmythedude

    October 2018 Results Map

    Come on Florida!
  3. Jimmythedude

    October 2018 Exam - impressions

    I’ll jump in, had to create an account real quick. I thought the morning session was a bit tougher than the practice exams I worked. There was a fair amount of geotech on it though and I was grateful for that. I started off poorly panicking on how to solve the first problem lol. I never got back around to it and it was the only AM question I completely guessed on when they announced one minute remaining haha. Hard to tell but I’d be happy with 30/40 on the AM, I last minute brought in a couple of extra text books on steel design and mechanics of materials that surprisingly came in handy. Going back to problems I had initially skipped I found that at least a few of them were pretty simple and I just needed a second look at them. I was looking forward to the afternoon session, having spent the last two weeks working nothing but Geo problems. But in my first pass I still had 15 or so problems to go back to, primarily those damn qualitative words questions. Seemed like half of the afternoon were practical word problems and I wasn’t expecting quite that many. I thought the quantitative problems were pretty straightforward, doesn’t mean I got them right but I felt like I knew what I was doing. Perhaps they tricked me? I spent the last hour and a half furiously flipping through the three geo textbooks I brought in looking for key words to finish out the qualitative questions. all told I give myself 50/50 odds. Which I suppose is better than the 25/75 odds i have just by guessing haha!