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  1. Looking at getting the EngProGuide study guide for the Mechanical MDM test. What are people's overall thoughts of it?
  2. Geez, That'd be a royal mix-up. Let's hope MN is better than that! My letter from the board is in my mailbox today -- unfortunately for me, it's not going to be good news.. (Thank you USPS Informed Delivery)
  3. You get a letter saying you had an unsuccessful attempt. You can test up to 3 times with the board before needing to show you've improved your qualifications. Basically, get back on the saddle -- reapply with the board, and then NCEES and try again.
  4. @Mech_april2019 I am in a similar boat. I tested at home really well and then bombed the test. This was my 2nd time taking MDM. Has anyone used Eng Pro Guides purchased study guide? Is it worth it?
  5. Spam F5-ing the NCEES Exam page shows a flicker on the "Result Pending" Like NCEES wants to tell me how I did has my heart jumping.
  6. @RBHeadge PE Friend from Iowa received results yesterday afternoon sometime.
  7. Waiting for a state that hasn't released yet may be worse than the suck of the last 38 days.
  8. I was feeling anxious, and then i realized MN doesn't usually release on the first day anyway. See ya tomorrow
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