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  1. Haha -- I tend to log on to MyNCEES every day. It's a bad habit. I know they'll email, but I just think I'll get the information faster if we log into MyNCEES all the time.
  2. I felt like there were a few problems in the AM that I didn't have reference materials for -- not due to being underprepared, but just because it was an "out of left field question." PM was significantly harder, although all problems on it were types I expected. I'm not sure if it was test anxiety or if the test was actually harder than any of my practice exams, but I didn't feel the practice exams were really representative of this AM portion.
  3. Is there a phase where you're constantly creeping on Engineerboards.com just to see the chatter? I think I'm there.
  4. Of Course! I have completed many of those practice problems, but only did the NCEES under testing conditions. I completely agree that problem recognition is essential. This will be my 2nd time taking it, so I also have the previous diagnostics. I will be taking the MDM test.
  5. Yeah, The NCEES practice exam
  6. I'm curious to see what you consider acceptable on a practice exam in a simulated test environment. At what point do you, personally, say "Ok I can accept that score, I think I'm ready"
  7. I recently got placed in a position in my company to help build a Hazardous Location Program through the certification of one product. We are seeking IEC, ATEX, UL, CSA certifications for dust environments. We are new to HazLoc and do not have a program, and when I joined the project, we didn't even have an Accountable representative-- and now I'm that person! I want to be sure we devise our certification documents such that: 1. the product is safe, 2. minimize re-certification fees/costs in the future of the product. Does anyone have experience in developing HazLoc products or Certifying for HazLoc environments and would like to connect?
  8. if still sending: I would be so appreciative! chrissy.bjorklund@gmail.com @SacMe24
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