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  1. WithThatPE

    October Test Results

  2. WithThatPE

    October Test Results

    Thanks @CAPLS for your response. Also, I don't understand why our license numbers did not get generated on 11/9, as the results were released before that. As shown on the board web, there were only few like 4 or 5 numbers released on 11/9.
  3. WithThatPE

    October Test Results

    Yeah, 11/22 and 11/23 will be the Thanksgiving Holiday. Hope the board can generate the numbers for us before the holiday.
  4. WithThatPE

    October Test Results

    Really, may I ask how could you check if there are new licenses added? sorry about the dum question
  5. WithThatPE

    October Test Results

    @CAPLS Since the results were released on 11/7, I was wondering if we missed out the board license run at early this month? or there's no license generated in this month yet? thanks.
  6. Yes, All done. How soon after passing exam did you get your license number, physical copy and name showing up on the lookup?
  7. WithThatPE

    October Test Results

    https://search.dca.ca.gov/ Here you go, let me know when you can find your name there:)
  8. WithThatPE

    October Test Results

    How soon can we get the number? very excited
  9. @engineeringforfun You were right! I passed the Survey exam. I was so nervous.
  10. WithThatPE

    October Test Results

    Passed Survey!!!!! All Done !
  11. @vip-engI took Hiner's course and he provided practice exams, I practiced twice and did all the practice problems in the workbook. Did you pass survey? how did you do?
  12. I passed Seismic last month. I did really well on it comparing to the Survey. I knew I passed the Seismic when I walked away from the exam. There was no regret, since I crushed all the questions except one or two.
  13. @engineeringforfun Thank you for your quick response. There were few questions among my guessed 15 questions, that I knew how to solve but did not get the exact answers as provided. I cannot stop thinking back about those and wish I could get them. So I am anxiously waiting for the result now.
  14. @engineeringforfun I just retook the Survey exam and waiting for the result. I was confident on 40 questions and guessed on 15. I was wondering how did you do on your passed Survey exam? how many were you confident on? how many did you guess? if you still remember