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  1. EET's water resources depth is the absolute best! I have three kids (3 and under) and decided to take the course to help prepare in the midst of a crazy life. I am so thankful for Nazrul and the course. I just did the on-demand course as my goal was to study without my kids even knowing I was studying (yes, that means early morning and late nights). Just heard that I passed first time and seriously think anyone on the fence about a course should sign up for EET. Ryan
  2. Nice work Colorado. Congratulations everyone!
  3. I also just called the main number and got send to "someone on the board." Also got their voicemail. This is so frustrating!
  4. Got sent to voicemail. Lets get going Colorado! Come on!
  5. I'm thinking about calling DORA. Good idea? Bad Idea?
  6. Don't tease me this morning. I thought Colorado posted when I saw a new post for this forum!
  7. I just got an email from CDORA. I asked a contact named Forrest there for an update. Here is his response from about 10 minutes ago: I don’t have a specific update; my supervisor said that there is going to be an email sent out shortly with additional timeline information. We'll see if we get anything in the next hour.
  8. Teab, Did Colorado post the same day that most other states posted? Or did they post later?
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