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  1. The first time I took the exam (took it 2nd time this fall and passed thank you Lawdy!), they had already shut the doors to start handing out materials and give instructions. You all know that once that happens they don't let people leave their seats. Anyway I was sitting near the back of a room of probably 350 people, and right in the middle of passing out materials some guy at the very front stands up, face white as a ghost, turns and makes a b-line for the exit, as he's walking down the middle aisle he is saying "I'm sorry! I can't do this! I'm sorry!" in a defeated voice. He actually breached security at the doors because I'm sure the proctors had never seen anything like that before. Safe to say much of the room was thrown off! A few of the proctors chased him down in the lobby and I could hear them coaching him up to come back in and take the exam (he had to stay in there anyway at least until the exam officially began). Sure enough he came back in and took the test! I wonder how he ended up doing? I hope he passed, that would be a legendary story if so. Armed with hindsight, for how unprepared I was when I took it the first time, I might have gotten up and done the same thing!
  2. I've done this 4 times today already. I took it early so i will have to wait until January 2020 to get licensed. I imagine this will be a recurring nightmare for me until then.
  3. Civil Structural Exam Taker here-- I passed, PTL! I did probably at least 1000 practice problems leading up to the exam (no lie-- I almost went insane). Mainly used CERM Practice Problems, Goswami, NCEES practice problems, and School of PE homework problems I got from a friend who took the class before. I found every resource quite helpful. Some people have dismissed the CERM practice problems as too complicated or difficult, but for me, they made me so over-prepared that when I opened the test booklet for each session I was almost giddy as I looked through all of the problem statements, because I felt confident on how to do just about every problem. I was actually re-reading quite a few problems convinced that I was missing something because they were asking for only part A of a problem that the CERM practice problem book would ask for parts A thru G. If you start studying early enough and know which chapters to skip in the CERM companion, it can be a very helpful tool. Just don't get discouraged by how many you get right because the problems are way more involved than the test and you learn through your failures!!
  4. Passed!! This was my second bite at the apple. For everyone here who didn't make it this time, don't give up!! This result doesn't define you!
  5. North Carolina 2nd time taker here-- PASS!! For those of you repeat takers still waiting who are nervous because of the pass rates, don't give up!!
  6. same here, the curiosity overpowered me and i asked just to make sure i wasn't falling for it for the 100th time.
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