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  1. for sale please message if interested
  2. 1. Brand new CBT book 3 exams 2. Used workbook all of course notes DM me negotiable
  3. I have everything needed to pass seismic. Hiners book (new) EET cbts (new) EET workbook (used all notes from course and binded summary sheets as shown) Amazon practice exam as shown (unbelievable close to real exam) I have in addition all of EET extra problems everything in images shown and notes tabbed all ready to go. Guarantee with these you will pass. Let me know I need to sell and I am negotiable
  4. I passed!!!!!!!!! Anyone needs books I have everything!!!
  5. Yeah this was my 3rd attempt.... even ao after eet and hiner problems still was a lot more confusing than previous times. I know I was prepared. Just have to hope for the best. How many were you confident? Educate guesses? @cajone5
  6. How did everyone feel on seismic? Exam was tricky for me
  7. We might get a early results like mid next week. Just because if you look it has come pretty late recently we might be due for results sooner
  8. Thanks! Yeah seriously its all about the time constraints.... you can only understand so much and if they dont ask you those questions its not even your fualt lol. I think I have had some bad luck because first 2 attempts I had 4/6 marginal and proficients.
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