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  1. @Geologist I am sorry to hear that survey is definitely seeming to be more about conceptual questions.When i didnt pass i noticed that too. it seems EET concepts are decent for it and Reza is the best for understanding the problems? everyone has been telling me you need to be good enough to where tabs are not needed like you dont have to look up many things. maybe just tab a few pages of reza
  2. Thank you!! Very helpful I can totally see all that is what I need to do. I did decent with EET my first attempt but I can see that I just need to be able to recognize more problems that they ask... this is why I’m taking reza which supposedly everyone raves about his style of teaching which I’ve noticed so far to be great. Hope with this I will be ready next round in January to pass it.
  3. Hi everyone, When you guys took survey this round can you describe how you prepared.... example did you guys use EET or reza book?
  4. @deezol My recommendation would be too really understand their problems conceptually and not get caught up doing too much of the repetitive problems. For me personally I knew them very well yet I came up short probably 7-10 questions of passing I would say. I think if you know EET perfect you can still pass but the room for error is low. I just did the class the way they ordered it exactly then did the problems 2 times. The class is great for conceptual type questions but mathematical is kind of bland now they I am doing Reza it seems a lot better
  5. @PEmonster thank you so much for this post... i also am taking his course on demand starting this monday... hopefully we pass? I did EEt first time but didnt pass and i knew EET well
  6. I sent my reexamination form today will I be approved for Q1? It’s when the check is cashed right when your approved for the following Q? Usually a few days later they cash my check
  7. @thebruce44 don’t worry you will pass if you felt good on the other 40 or so
  8. its safe to say for survey and seismic exams 33-36 out of the 55 is needed to pass based on my long experience taking them.... I can't see it being any higher than 36 that would make it too difficult for more test takers
  9. @Stardust I have heard of it is that one good too? I mean I did EET pretty hard and im going do the practice problems again with REZA course wouldn't that be more than enough hopefully.
  10. @Stardust I am gonna register for Rezas course today taking your advice. I did EET but I need something newer I think
  11. Do eet they have enough to pass I just needed to study harder. Reza book is way to confusing
  12. @KQ333 I didn’t pass survey today either... I got marg,def,pro, def. I pretty much did EET a lot and a little reza mahallati(hardly anything tbh) his book.... I think EET is great but you really need to pay attention to details in the book so that’s my plan this time around when I take it. Reza is a little confusing but everyone seems to pas with it. What was your breakdown 1-4 sections?
  13. For sale seFor sale seismic book plz message if interested
  14. Seismic book for sale please message if interested. Has all EET notes inside book
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