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  1. Third time is the charm. Good luck man. Hope you kill it this time.
  2. That's weird. may be the others are too freaked out to even make a call lol
  3. Wyoming results out. 1:10 Pm (Eastern time)
  4. Guys, I am legit. Wyoming Just released. I passed
  5. Thanks Bro. Man , I am so relieved. Time to Drink now... and Go Pokes all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Ladies and Gentleman, I am sooo happy right now , I just Passed. Civil- structural , WYOMING
  7. Its only 8:30 Am here, and I have F-5'd around 30 times yet. I guess I am done with the F-5 quota of the day. See you tomorrow folks 😃
  8. Haha Yass, Representing the Big Fucking Wyoming ..... How I love our winter the gentle breezes blowSeventy miles an hourAt twenty five below,Oh, how I love WyomingWhen the snow is up to your butt.You take a breath of winterAnd your nose gets frozen shut.Yes, the weather here is wonderfulSo I guess I’ll hang around.I could never leave Wyoming‘cuz I’m frozen to the ground. (this is Wyoming's Anthem )
  9. I called My state's Engineering Board ( Wyoming ...I know you are wondering if Wyoming actually Exist lol ) and they haven't heard from NCEES Yet. Time to wait Results Patiently ..ahh Torture
  10. Hahha Ok I see. Man these few days are hard. Clicking F5 every 5 min on my emails lol
  11. Hahhaha Good Photoshop, But you know what you made a mistake? you should have added the date 26. Look how it looks in my NCEES
  12. Its good you did better in the AM part. From the people I talk so far, it seems most of us bombed it the AM portion. I work on Bridges and I was so disappointed that there was no even a single question related to Bridge. It seems the PE structural is geared toward buildings. I hope we pass it this time !
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