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  1. BPELSG issues license numbers on the 1st and 3rd friday of every month. You should receive a confirmation from your evaluator (based on first letter of last name) stating that the notification has been received and processed, and that if ALL other requirements are met your license number will be issued. Usually on the following 1st or 3rd Friday of the month after the date in which you received that email. You will then receive your cert and paper pocket license in approx 6-8 weeks followed by a plastic pocket ID in approx 12 weeks. NOTE: Do NOT forget to pay for your renewal fee before the expiration date. IIRC the date is 3/31/19. You only get a few months after your license is first issued to pay the fee.
  2. School of PE got me over the hurdle. I took the exam last April as well and failed. I truly believe the April test was easier than the October test, but they showed me enough information to come to an answer on almost all of the problems this time around. The only thing I would ask them to focus more on is Machines and electric power devices. That and a better economics portion. Their general was phenomenal. Their T&D section was pretty good too. Those 2 sections alone are said to be 60% of your test.
  3. Im in the same boat with the F5 mashing of pure joy haha Just did it right now before turning in my notification of successful examination to my board. Wanted to get that out of the way before the rest of CA did haha
  4. I'm a retaker. 3rd time actually. I checked the pass rates before checking my outcome and i was almost positive I had failed. Went over to my dashboard, and at that moment I felt an amount of joy so high that I could only remember a few instance in my life that made me feel that way. It was over... I passed. Took me 3 tries, but persistence definitely paid off
  5. Happy to announce that I passed the PE in CA!!! For all those that are discouraged: I know its tough (this was my third time taking it), but DO NOT GIVE UP! Be persistent and keep trying! I honestly felt I would not pass this time, especially after seeing how low the pass rates were for this administration when they were posted this AM. But here we are. It will happen one day! I promise!
  6. Well the thread really died didnt it... haha
  7. CA board is OPEN... they just need to Hurry up
  8. True. But again I applied the old way back in 2016 to take in April of 2017... Failed then... took a year off (bad idea)... Failed again (did no studying cause I was in the thick that whole year)... And now I wait.. 3rd times the charms right?
  9. Looks like its time for me to go to Tahoe and blow my non existent bonus haha
  10. Anyone try to search them selves in the license lookup? If its already there, I'm screwed haha
  11. I need this to be good news... 🙏
  12. FUUUUUUUUQQQQQQQQQQ. NOT checking till Christmas
  13. All depends on how many did you guess correctly haha Dont know how some people can say the only guessed on max 3... haha I know when it came down to the last 5 mins, I took all my empty bubbles and committed them all to: C C C C C C C C C
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