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  1. I wish everyone was this fast to shoot down the survey/fail theory last exam cycle... Had me stressing for a solid 12 hours before someone finally stopped the trolling and admitted that it meant nothing. FYI, I received the exam survey less than a week after taking the exam and saw that beautiful green PASS on my account on D-DAY 😎
  2. You think the afternoon geotech session this exam cycle was easier than Oct 2018?
  3. It was the same way last exam cycle... Took a while for me to get even a few people to respond on here. I think we are a very small, dying, breed..
  4. From what I understand (not all that much probably) the AM "scale" is set for everybody taking the AM for minimal competency. If that is 25 problems right out of 40 then its 25 problems right for everyone. Then the PM "scale" will be different for each discipline. So if Structural minimum competency is 25, Geotech is 26, Transportation is 27, etc. then the cut score for each discipline would be 50, 51, 52 respectively.
  5. I refuse to click on that link.
  6. Feels good to be on the other side of the fence this go around with the spam thread 😎
  7. Well the good thing is they let you finish your exam! The fact that they told you they would make a report and ANALYZE THE CONFISCATED SHEET should ease your mind. Sounds to me like they might deal with this more than we think (or see on EB forums). I'll be praying for you that they analyze the sheet, realize it was just reference equations, talk about how you were stupid for pulling out your sheets from the binder and then give you that nice green PASS on the NCEES website!
  8. Welcome to the boards and I hope your test last Friday went well!
  9. Nice! Yeah I guess if that is the case I might as well start knocking some of them out.
  10. Yeah no kidding, we can only go up from there!
  11. April 2019 test takers, you got this!! Good luck!!!
  12. Thank you! Since the CE is waived for the first renewal I haven't started worrying about that yet. After January 1 I will be... Now I'm thinking, what's next? Online Masters?
  13. @Ranger1316 Welcome and good luck on the exam this Friday from a fellow Nole!
  14. When I took the exam last October it was at the NRG Center, for all answers below I am assuming it is still there. 1. I hardly drink water so I didn't bring a bottle but I believe there were water fountains near the restrooms. 2. I think all I had on me was keys, ID, Exam Pass, and books/references 3. I brought one of those accounting file boxes. Hindsight should have brought some kind of rolling suitcase like luggage, hell even a Dolley with a milk crate on it. 4. The restrooms weren't too far. 5. I think we had one hour for lunch. 6. They provide pencils and it has an eraser. 7. I've heard conflicting things on this. Maybe go through and either write over pencil with pen or highlight over to show it was there before? 8. Yes, I had enough room for two-three references, depending on the size. Good luck on the exam!
  15. Same, maybe half of a day before I refreshed the system application status and said I was approved and license # issued.
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