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  1. I just went through this and received my (waiting for supervisor approval) on Tuesday. They said they had a longer than usual wait due to large volumes of applicants and other undisclosed reasons. Mine took 23 days for approval from NCEES.
  2. You need to update your interests..... "not passing the PE"
  3. GeoDude_PE

    Cut scores

    Sorry to hear. Keep your head up little bro (GeoDude). You got this next cycle and you will make the GeoDude family proud.
  4. Sorry to hear. That is the highest fail score I have seen on the forums for this administration of the geotech exam. Are you in Texas by chance? The good thing to realize is you were very close this go around and can absolutely destroy the exam next cycle!
  5. It's always low because people who don't have a specific sub-discipline/technical background often decide to take construction because its not as deep as other disciplines. They don't have as much technical knowledge and it makes the exam much harder. I am one of those people in that boat but opted to study and take geotech instead.
  6. GeoDude_PE

    Cut scores

    I doubt the cut score was 54-57. I haven't seen one fail score yet that was at the 52/53 range. If you were 68% curved score for Texas then you were very close (either 1 or 2 problems) from the 70% Texas curved score which = PASS on NCEES
  7. I was in Texas for OCT 2018. I kept hitting refresh on day 2 of release (since day 1 the TBPE was closed in honor of George H. W. Bush mourning). The results popped up on NCEES dashboard with the green pass before I received an email.
  8. I wish everyone was this fast to shoot down the survey/fail theory last exam cycle... Had me stressing for a solid 12 hours before someone finally stopped the trolling and admitted that it meant nothing. FYI, I received the exam survey less than a week after taking the exam and saw that beautiful green PASS on my account on D-DAY 😎
  9. You think the afternoon geotech session this exam cycle was easier than Oct 2018?
  10. It was the same way last exam cycle... Took a while for me to get even a few people to respond on here. I think we are a very small, dying, breed..
  11. From what I understand (not all that much probably) the AM "scale" is set for everybody taking the AM for minimal competency. If that is 25 problems right out of 40 then its 25 problems right for everyone. Then the PM "scale" will be different for each discipline. So if Structural minimum competency is 25, Geotech is 26, Transportation is 27, etc. then the cut score for each discipline would be 50, 51, 52 respectively.
  12. I refuse to click on that link.
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