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  1. GeoDude

    Please help how to study to pass Geotech

    Both versions of the NCEES Practice Exam (2011 and 2014), Goswami breadth practice exams, PE prepared breadth practice exams. As for he references I did not have it but apparently the Geotechnical Engineers Portable Handbook is a must have.
  2. GeoDude

    Texas PE- Post PE Exam

    Thank you for this. Hoping to get everything finished up and sent out to my reviewers this week!
  3. GeoDude

    Texas PE- Post PE Exam

    This helps big time. Thank you so much!
  4. GeoDude

    How old are you?

  5. GeoDude

    Texas PE- Post PE Exam

    Has your application been fully approved?
  6. GeoDude

    Texas PE- Post PE Exam

    Perfect, that helps clear things up for me. Thanks for the response!
  7. GeoDude

    Texas PE- Post PE Exam

    Hey all, Hope you can help me with a couple questions. First off how long were you SER's? Do you fill out a new form for each engagement? If some of your engagements were for a short duration (6 months to 1 year) is it acceptable for that SER to be 1-2 pages? My other engagement was for essentially 3.5 years and I can write a book on stuff I worked on. I'm a few steps behind everyone else on here.
  8. GeoDude

    Question on Terghazi Bearing Capacity Factors

    Welcome to Geotechnical Engineering where two people have different methods to solve a problem and end up giving two answers so far apart they couldn't possibly both be right. Then it is up to the engineer to use "engineering judgement". As stated above those will be provided to you in the question. Could the values being presented in the Das book be looking at Meyerhoff factors as opposed to Terzaghi factors?
  9. GeoDude

    Please help how to study to pass Geotech

    I am sorry for your frustration. First off, I relate to you in that my line of work is more-so project management with a very niche geotechnical contractor and not geotechnical design. I went back and forth between taking construction depth and geotechnical depth. I will say the thing that helped me the most was reviewing topics in the CERM and then also looking those topics up in the geotechnical references. The CERM is a little weak on geotechnical so I would highly recommend you have other geotechnical references but it sounds like you have that covered with the Portable Handbook and both books by Das. I regrettably did not have the portable handbook or the intro to geotech for the exam. I only had the CERM and the Principles of Foundation. I would say to make sure you do the geotechnical 6 minute solutions at least once but preferably twice in preparation. FULLY. Obviously some of the problems in there are not solvable and should definitely not be on the PE Exam but the rest are good practice. I also would recommend you revisit the NCEES Geotechnical Practice Exam (2014), and attempt to find a copy for purchase online of the 2011 NCEES practice exam as that had mostly different problems and was very helpful. Redo Goswami practice exams, get PE Prepared Geotechnical depth practice exam and the PE Prepared Breadth practice exam. There's not much more you can do than practice problems over and over and study the books that you have and be familiar with where the information is. If you don't mind me asking, what was your breakdown of this most recent exam (October)? It seems the cut score was somewhere around 50. Where you close to that? What was your breakdown between morning and afternoon? Of course, whichever you did worse in you need to make sure to spend time practicing those areas. If you were close overall (high 40's) then keep your head up. I took it this past October and some of the questions on there were SUPER tough and required a lot of engineering judgement/educated guessing. I believe that is why the cut score was so low. I would highly advise you stick it out with Geotechnical and not switch depths. Geotech has the fewest references and overall I would venture to say the smallest amount of topics to cover. Make sure you practice the actual process of solving problems. It is one thing to know how to solve a problem, it is another to be able to do it and get the right answer. Coming out of the exam I knew that 3/4 of the conceptual questions were up in the air but I felt as close to 100% confidence as I could be on the numerical problems and I believe that was key to me passing. Hope this helps. Keep your head up. You've got this!
  10. GeoDude

    Oct 2018 Failing Scores

    Again that means for the raw score.. so no a 56/80 is not the magic number for passing. But the scaled score is what is provided to TBPE. a score of "70" on TBPE's website could mean a 49/80 or any other raw score depending on the post-exam analysis NCEES performs on each exam. Whatever the passing raw cut score is (50/80 as an example) would equal a 70 on TBPE exam grade lookup.
  11. GeoDude

    Oct 2018 Failing Scores

    70% TBPE score on their website is passing. In their regulations it states something like, "a score will be provided for the exam and a 70% will be considered passing for licensure." Now, you brought up a good point that the score % from TBPE may not be a linear relationship to the raw scores that NCEES determines.
  12. GeoDude

    Thank you RBHeadge PE!!!

    Just to add @RBHeadge PE , if you are ever in the Houston area, beers, whiskey, wine, tea, (anything that is your drink of choice) is on me! Thank you for everything you did, I don't think I could have made it through this without you AND everyone else on this forum. Except for the vetted troll @knight1fox3 , you got me down a few times early on! It's all in good fun though. Congratulations to everyone who passed and to those who didn't, keep your head up, you've all got this! There have been so many engineers in the past that have failed, came back, passed, and became PEs. If they can do it so can you!
  13. GeoDude

    Texas Website for Looking up Score updated

    Check the different disciplines forums and may be there are enough scores from Texas to be able to determine.
  14. GeoDude

    Oct 2018 Failing Scores

    That is correct...
  15. GeoDude

    Oct 2018 Failing Scores

    I’m not saying that NCEES raw score has to be 70 percent. I’m saying that the curved score and based on TBPE in order to be a “pass” according to the state of Texas has to be a score of 70. Hence why people on here say they for 48/80 and score of 65 on TBPE website