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  1. Claims CT will be released tomorrow. Dec. 13
  2. CT results will be released tomorrow - From the CT portal link above: NEW!! April 2019 PE Exam Results The April PE exam results will be released by May 15, 2019. Candidates who have passed the exam and have met all Connecticut requirements will receive an email from within the next two (2) weeks on how to obtain their initial license. For candidates who failed the April 2019 Principles & Practice of Engineering exam, you may register with NCEES beginning June 17, 2019. Register online with NCEES at no later than September 3, 2019 (3:00 pm EST) for the October 2019 exam. Please check the NCEES website regarding all exam information.
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  4. FAKE RESULTS ARE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!i!!!!!
  5. FAKE RESULTS ARE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!i!!!!!
  6. Call me King Arthur because I Spamelot 💪
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