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  1. Not sure what is the passing criteria, my friend from Terracon got a 46 (grade - 66) and failed. He colleague from Terracon got 50 and still failed, may be the raw cut off is in the mid 50s.
  2. Same here failed 40/80 Geotech - grade 61. 23 AM, 17 PM - I took SOPE on-demand since I have a traveling job. Their AM is okay but I didn't liked their geo depth at all, I think their geo depth course is structured not in line with the actual exam. I hope I can put this exam behind me in the next few days and start preparing for April exam. I have heard good things about EET, can someone please put some light on best course available for Geo Depth
  3. My status is still showing result pending but its letting me register for PE exam (in green) which until yesterday was showing - exam of this type has been taken (in red). Maybe I didn't pass after-all! who knows - can someone else check please
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