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  1. Good Luck to everyone who is taking their PE this October. Give your best on the day of exam. I was in the same boat exactly an year back and ended up passing. And well, this thread was started on April 24th? @AhsanTX has started preparing for the exam 6 months back. Thats really surprising You are probably the one who has prepared for the most number of days in the entire USA. Good luck on your exam.
  2. Welcome to the world of sarcasm
  4. I was there last year. All the best everyone.
  5. I have been working in the field of substation protection for more than 3 years. So I did not study anything related to protection studies. Start with Graffeo or any reference material you have. You would get a good idea what to study and which topics are more imprtant to study. Then go to those topics in the text books & study them. And the solve few sample papers. This would give you a clear idea which one is more helpful for you.
  6. Hello Everyone, I took my PE exam in Texas on October 2018 and I passed it. I came to know about this forum only after I took the test. I wish I knew it before. I wanted to share some useful references and books so that it may help someone. 1. NEC 2017, NESC, NFPA 70E, NFPA 497, NFPA 499, NFPA 30B – Try your best to get all the standards mentioned in the syllabus. You might get tested in any of the standards. 2. Stephen Chapman / Wildi for Machines – Both are really good books. I used Chapman and I loved it. 3. Ned Mohan for Power Electronics 4. Power System Analysis and Design by Glover and Sharma – This helped me a lot. I would say this book is a gem. Preparing from this book hugely helped in learning stuff faster. 5. Graffeo – This is a must have book for the exam. Many topics are explained very well in this book. And this is a quick reference for any formula you need. 6. School of PE – I did not take this course since I did not have much time before the exam. But I have heard a lot of people saying that it is a very good way to start the preparations. 7. Hand book of Batteries by Linden – This is a great book for batteries. I would recommend just to have it with you before the exam. 8. Complex Imaginary – I solve all 4 question papers. The problems were pretty easy but helped me to get an idea of the ways we could get tested. It helped me a lot how to focus my preparations. 9. NCEES Sample Paper – This is a must solve paper. This also helped me a lot in the ways I could get tested. 10. Camara PPI Practice Exams – I would recommend you guys to solve these questions once. 11. Engineering Pro Guides questions papers –The difficulty level in these papers are pretty high. Again I came to know about this paper really late. But I feel solving this question papers might help a lot. P.S: 1. I prepared for the test just with the intention of passing the exam. I did not give my best in my preparations. This made me have little panic after the test. I would suggest everyone to prepare in such a way that you are aiming to ace all the 80 questions. This way, you would give your full potential and ace the test. 2. Take something to eat to snack to the exam hall. I was pretty hungry just after 6 hours of exam and it did affect my efficiency of answering. 3. After the exams, do not get scared of anything other people would say. Just stay confident for the result. 4. Even if you fail, do not really worry about that. First of all, you were bold enough to prepare and sit for the exam. And you have failed only in a really tough exam and you have done something very constructive. I prepared for the exam for 6 weeks and I thoroughly enjoyed those 6 weeks. And was waiting for the results for another 6 weeks. I used to just Netflix and chill at home for more than 3 years. But those 3 months, I felt like I am achieving something in life. You guys would feel the same too. So never worry about the results. Thanks to the forum members: You guys are doing a great job. I just got my promotion and position hike after my PE.
  7. Graffeo had some good protection problems. Other than that, the paper was very ordinary.
  8. Thank you. I have submitted my application today.
  9. I am trying to complete my application . And right now I am trying to get PE references for me. I am an electrical engineer who wrote the Power exam. Can my PE Reference be a Civil Engineer with PE in Civil?
  10. Thats very true. Even I can't wait for the day when I could add a P.E next to my name. So I am trying to complete my application as early as possible. And right now I am trying to get PE references for me. I am an electrical engineer who wrote the Power exam. Can my PE Reference be a Civil Engineer?
  11. I am going to start my PE application for the state of Texas today. Should have started right after the exam. But I was scared like hell. Lol. Now I've to wait around 2 months for the state to approve my application and then provide me with my PE license
  12. Well. The most offensive comment I read here. Just look at the cut score for this year from the diagnostics of people who failed in Texas this time. The cut score is 49. I did pass with 89% this time. If you don't know something, don't judge others. I was right all the time.
  13. Invisible

    Texas Results

    I took it in Power. And I have got 89%. Still can't believe it.
  14. Invisible

    Texas Results

    I had just started getting all tensed. And the results came out in 2 minutes. I am so happy that I passed. Now waiting to know my percentage
  15. Texas results are out. 9:05 Central Time. I passed Thank you so much everyone in this board. I did not know about this board before I took the test. That would have been more helpful. I am so happy that I passed. I prepared for the exam hardly for 5 weeks. To be honest, I thought I would ace the exam easily before the test. But I did feel s#@t scared after I took the test. The last one month was really scary. Now I can really feel the greatness of becoming a PE. @RBHeadge PE You are doing a great job. Keep rocking. Waiting for TBPE to release my percentage so I can post here. I gonna be an active member in this forum and will try my best to help people in future.
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