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  1. Wow. 37 states released results already. 2 more hours for the day. Thats a lot of states for Day 1. Could be a record as well. I remember only 34 states released results on Oct 2018
  2. Texas was Day 2 release for me in Oct 2018. BUt one good thing about TX is that it always releases during the day and never during the Night time.
  3. Guys. Don't make a big deal out of this. Be mature and go and do your work. You are not getting paid to keep posting here. Btw. Can anyone help me how to get notifications in my desktop for every new comment in this page? And also how to pass time while waiting for the results?
  4. Still took you 3 days to figure it out.
  5. I have a strong feeling results gonna come out tomorrow
  6. My suggestion would be not to buy a pre tabbed one. Buy NEC untabbed and tab it yourself as you start preparing for the exam. This will help you a lot as you progress with your preparations.
  7. Invisible

    EB Mafia

    Yes @RBHeadge PE. I wrote a year ago. But in Texas. I was the one who predicted the cut score to be 50.
  8. Invisible

    EB Mafia

    I drive a Sedan as well. @RBHeadge PE do u remember me?
  9. We wrote in Texas together last October. I remember seeing you posting here during the result. Am I correct?
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