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  1. I took the exam here October 2018. I was extremely worried about the logistics of taking the exam here, but it ended up being a decent place to take the exam. Some tips/info I can give to you. 1. Make sure you bring cash for parking. I don't remember how much it was, but bring a $20 and you should be good. Make sure to look at the admission ticket to see the check in time. I would plan to be there at least 30 minutes before that time. 2. There are over 1000 people taking the exam, so it will be crowded waiting around before the exam and coming back from lunch. If your references are on the large side, make sure to at least bring a bag or backpack so your arms aren't tired. I took the transportation civil exam, so I had a whole wagon full of code books. Everyone left their books inside during lunch and it was not a problem. They lock up the room 3. The proctors didn't seem to care about food/drink as long as you don't have them on the desk. I had some protein bars and water in my bag on the floor and it was not a problem, although I don't think I ate anything during the exam. 4. The main proctor is kind of a jerk, but as long as you follow the rules you should be good. 5. The bathroom is in the convention center room, but it may take a few minutes to walk there depending on where you are seated. I went once in both the morning and afternoon session and timing wasn't an issue. 6. I would recommend bringing a lunch and keeping it in the car so you don't have to go in or out. It saves time and it was nice to relax in my car for a bit. I don't think there is anything super quick and close by for lunch, although I am sure people did go out for lunch. 7. We sat at 8 foot tables with 2 people per table. I felt there was plenty of space to lay out a few books at a time. Overall, it is a pretty decent place to take the exam, so I wouldn't worry too much. Let me know if you have any specific questions or if anyone has any corrections to what I have said.
  2. There are a lot of engineers in Texas. When I took the exam, there were probably over 1000 people in the room. So you probably see a lot of us in the boards
  3. 1. I would look at your state’s rules about numbers of attempts and all that. Sometimes there are rules about number of attempts in a certain time period. You may also be able to skip the lengthy application process if you take the next available exam. If you skip it they may require you to go through the entire application/approval process again. It all depends on your state’s rules. I would say unless you have something major happening from now until October, keep the momentum up and keep studying. You probably won’t have to relearn as much stuff and you can focus the majority of your time on practice problems. Best of luck!
  4. I have 2 (from different states). You better believe I am going to hang them in my office at home to make myself feel accomplished. People outside the field have no idea what it means, so hopefully they will be impressed
  5. Good luck to you! I was super stressed about writing the SER and it really wasn't a huge deal.
  6. Yes, I submitted everything around December 20th and got my license number on January 17th. I work for a local government permitting office, so I review about 30-40 different projects per week. So for my SER, I did a brief summary of what I review for in all projects and any other responsibilities I have. Then I broke down the types of projects I review and provide a little more detail in what I look for in them. Then I listed some of the names of the projects I had reviewed. It kind of seems like they don't look at it in too much detail. The technical reviewer said there was only one administrative reviewer at the time, so I am sure they look for the bare minimum. I just made sure to use words like analyze, calculate and recommend. Hopefully that helps!
  7. Below are the links for some transportation study materials and some other miscellaneous engineering books, most of which are still on the suggested references for the April exam. May consider discounting if multiple items are purchased. Local pickup also possible (West Houston). Let me know if you would like to arrange payment outside of ebay. Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide: A Manual of Practice AASHTO Guide for Design of Pavement Structures (willing to throw in the supplement for free if you really want, but trying to sell it separately here for some extra cash:
  8. My SER was a whopping 3 pages. I’ve only ever worked at one place and I don’t do design, so I just kind of summarized what I do at work and typical projects I would review. I really don’t think they are too particular as long as you have your recommendations and that your job sounds engineering related
  9. You might be able to petition the board to waive this requirement. I think they usually require you to take some additional engineering courses or something like that, but it definitely can't hurt to ask! You are definitely not the first person in this position.
  10. If you look at the specifications from NCEES, they state "PE exam specifications and design standards are posted 6 months before the exam administration. Updates for the April exams are posted in November, and updates for the October exams are posted in May." The specifications still state that the 6th edition is the design standard for the exam.
  11. I brought a full on wagon to carry all my stuff-transportation has about 13 references-I definitely had one of the biggest hauls of anybody. Despite what other people on here have said about the more references you bring, the more likely you will fail, I did pass with a score 82%, so take that! I don't think people outside of structures/transportation realize how many books are literally there just to find design values.
  12. Rebeccah623

    Texas Results

    I believe you get a packet with a form to fill out for them to approve your seal. I printed the form out from TBPE and it looks like you need to stamp the paper and provided a passport-like photo. I would assume additional information would be provided with that form on seal requirements, name to use, etc. It looks like first and last name only would be acceptable. I know I have seen just all variations of initials and names. It seems like it just has to have your full last name and no nicknames
  13. I am glad I am not the only one that has to recheck. I rechecked each time I told someone new lol. I still think they made a mistake, but both the NCEES and TBPE websites show that I passed!
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