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  1. ct27gt

    CA License Question

    ^^THIS! I called the board about this issue a few days ago and they basically said exactly what CAPLS said above, so I just left it blank. Submitting my packet tomorrow!
  2. ct27gt

    Best Software for design

    SolidWorks. Nothing else even compares. Other programs may be better at in depth FEA or complex surfacing, but for machine design, nothing beats it.
  3. In California, if all of your experience came from areas and corporations that were exempt from professional licensure (ie: manufacturing, mining, aerospace, public utilities, R&D, industrial corporations), you don't even need a single PE as a reference. The only time they require you to submit a PE as a reference, is if you worked for an employer that had non-exempt status. I am not sure what state you are in, but that may be the case in your location as well.
  4. ct27gt

    April 2019 MDM Preparation

    I recently passed the October 2018 exam on my first attempt after being out of school for 8 years. I will describe what worked for me below per advice of another engineer that had recently passed. I started going through the NCEES practice test problem by problem. For each problem, I would find the corresponding section in BOTH textbook and MDM manual. I would make sure I had an excellent understanding of the concepts, and write down the important, bold equations and more importantly made sure I had an understanding of what these equations meant and how to use them as well as pertinent text notes. I would also tab the books at this time. If I could do it all over again, I would have started with other practice tests of similar or slightly higher difficulty and saved the NCEES test for last, because that is supposedly very similar in difficulty to the real test. I then looked at any subjects that the NCEES test didn't touch, that I thought were basic, common, and useful that they might test me on, and studied these. I COMPLETELY IGNORED sections like reliability equations, fracture mechanics, surface fatigue, gear tooth stress analysis, AGMA methods, planetary motion, moving reference frames and LIGHTLY STUDIED things like trusses, cables, and vector equations. I also IGNORED engineering economics and ethics, knowing that I would just skip these questions if they came up and try to look them up at the end. I also reviewed the "Plant Engineering" section of MDM and tabbed a lot of it, but didn't necessarily go in depth studying, figuring I would look for the answer in the exam if one of these came up. I FOCUSED HIGHLY on material properties, stress/strain/fatigue calculations, body/projectile motion, friction, equilibrium equations (summing moments/forces), bolts/pins/keys, machine elements (springs, gears, brakes, belts, chains), normal distributions/std deviations. quality assurance (Cpk, Ppk, timeline mapping, quality charts). I already had a GOOD understanding of GDT, tolerancing, and machining/inspection from industry, but I would have studied these a to reasonable depth as well if I didn't know about them already. The exam tests breadth more so than depth of knowledge as the previous poster said. So know the basics of almost every section in the BIG THREE (shigley, statics, dynamics). After finishing the test and all my studying, I literally went through and re-wrote all of my notes and equations and tabbed my notebook. This step was the most important for me because it helped me realize which subjects I needed to look at a little more in depth and allowed me to consolidate everything in a concise, easy to read/access format for the test. I also made notes on the units to use for the equations. UNITS ARE CRITICAL! Spend a lot of time making sure you are using the correct units with the equations and for God's sake get the "Engineering Unit Conversions" book. It is a life saver and a necessity during the test. Finally, I simulated test day and re-took the NCEES practice test in two separate 4 hour sessions. If I could do it all over again, I would have used other practice tests for studying and took the NCEES test last. I had my wife grade the test, looked at my mistakes, and noted any common pitfalls in my notes in the relevant section so I didn't make the same mistake on test day (mostly all of them were units). Reference Materials I Brought: Shigley Mechanical Design, Statics textbook, Dynamics Textbook, Engineering Unit Conversions, NCEES Practice Exam, MDM manual, and my notes I wish I had time to do more practice problems, but all I did was the NCEES test. If I failed, I would have focused on problems, problems, problems. All in all, I probably did a little over 200 hours of self-studying in 2 months with no classes taken. I hope this helped.
  5. ct27gt

    Machine Design & Materials Oct 2018

    I got the green box as well. Still feel like I got lucky. For those that end up not passing, all I could suggest is problems, problems, problems. Also, don't go into the intense specifics. Avoid specialized subjects like fracture mechanics, reliability equations, surface fatigue, gear tooth stress analysis, planet dynamics, moving reference frames, etc. Know the basics of all the shigley, statics, and dynamics, but don't get overwhelmed by delving into deep specifics. They don't test you on that. It's more of a breadth test. Being 8 years out of school, I spent most all of my time re-learning the concepts and felt like I ran out of time on practicing problems. If your efficient at the problems and know the first few sections of every chapter in Shigley, Statics, and Dynamics, you will pass.
  6. ct27gt

    Machine Design & Materials Oct 2018

    Congrats! Still waiting on results in California. Will check again tomorrow.
  7. ct27gt

    Machine Design & Materials Oct 2018

    I whole heartedly agree with everything that monty01 said. Got my fingers crossed they release the results by Friday of this week.
  8. ct27gt

    Machine Design & Materials Oct 2018

    You just have to be careful when people say they got a certain percent correct. Just because the answer someone got was there, doesn't mean it was actually the correct one of all the choices. My advice would be not to think about it or dwell on it. What's done is done, and if you end up not passing, hopefully you came out with a more focused and efficient game plan on how to study for the next time. I am just trying to keep myself too busy to dwell on it. I really won't start getting anxious for the results until middle of the first week of December, because that is the absolute soonest they will come out.
  9. ct27gt

    Machine Design & Materials Oct 2018

    So in the morning, I didn't have a clue on 3-4. In the afternoon, only 2. Problem is there were a bunch where I was close to the answers, but not exact. Then there were also those that I hit the exact answer, but because of units or a small oversight, it may have actually been the wrong one. They do this a lot, where they anticipate an oversight, and provide that answer as one of the options, making you think you got it right, but you actually got it wrong. In addition to the 2 that I didn't have a clue on in the afternoon, I came up with 2 more that night that I KNOW I got wrong (I thought I got right while taking the test) due to units or a small oversight. So in short, I have no clue on the % I got right or wrong, because there were probably a bunch that I thought I got right, but really got wrong. As for cut score, it is a pretty safe assumption that if you get 70% (score of 56/80 on the test), there is a high likelihood you will pass. No one knows or will ever know the true cut score unless they are affiliated with scoring that particular test. I think there was only one reported score of 56 that I can find that was a fail, but that was across all tests in all different disciplines. There was a question on there where I know for sure they were missing a piece of information, but it was a pretty universal material property value that is used in a lot of calculations, so I guessed it was that value and I am pretty sure I got the answer right. One of the few questions on the test that I am 99% sure I got right. That is the only one I can think of off the top of my head that was glaringly missing information. I was able to "try" to solve the rest, but didn't notice any other problems missing necessary information.
  10. ct27gt

    Machine Design & Materials Oct 2018

    Felt the same. Thought it was much harder. From what I have read and heard, it is hit or miss. Some tests are much harder, while others are of similar difficulty to the practice exam. They strayed quite far from core concepts on a lot of questions. There were quite a few questions that had very little relation to machine design/materials, so that was disappointing. I thought I did ok after, but by the next morning I lost all confidence and felt I failed. Just trying to keep myself busy so I don't think about it. Been working pretty well so far. Will probably get results in 3-4 weeks. Nice thing about expecting failure is if you pass it's a great early Christmas present, but if you fail, it was kind of expected and you can regroup and start preparation for the next one. I will say, it was a great learning experience and studying will go a lot faster next time. Being 7 years removed from school, most of my studying time went to relearning all of the concepts. For the next one I just need to do more problems, improve my calculator skills, and pay more attention to units. I knew units was going to be a big issue going into it, but I got rushed and know I still missed a few because of it. I saw some good advice somewhere on here where someone said just focus on problems, problems, problems. That is what you can control. For the conceptual material, you either know it or you don't, and that's where having a very organized reference manual is useful because sometimes you can find the answer quickly even if you know nothing about the subject. Just gotta make sure I pass before 2020, because I think it's transitioning to a computer based exam which will throw a whole new wrench into the mix.
  11. ct27gt

    PE Exam Experience from Construction

    I don't have any advice regarding your engineering experience, but as a California resident, I have to wonder why anybody would even consider moving here. All of my family is here and I have a year old son, so that is the only reason I am here. I would never move here from somewhere else though. If you enjoy being taxed for breathing, having your life micro-managed by rules and regulations, giving an arm and a leg for vehicle registration fees every year, playing russian roulette every year or 2 with smog checks, paying through the nose for utilities and basic life necessities, living in a shack for a mortgage that would get you a mansion in most other states, then maybe CA is worth considering. IF you can find an excellent paying job NOT in a major city with a half hour or less commute (basically a unicorn), California MIGHT BE tolerable.
  12. ct27gt

    Life: Pre-exam then post-exam

    +1. The wife's endless list that she expects done in a single day, garage organization, and finishing a bathroom remodel that's 3/4 done.
  13. Haha. New poster here. I went through Phase 2 last night and skipped straight to Phase 4 this morning! California (not sure if exam differs by state?), Mechanical: Machine Design and Materials -Joe
  14. ct27gt

    Machine Design & Materials Oct 2018

    Hi All, First time poster here. I took the MDM test in California yesterday. Monty, similar feelings to you. Struggled more on the first part, felt a little better on the second part. First part there were 3-4 where I didn't have a clue, second part only one or two. I did the self study route, and am glad I did. Felt like I knew how to do most all of them, problem I ran into was most of my answers were very slightly off from the multiple choice options, so not sure if they are right or not. I really only started intensely studying about 2 months before. My only regret is I should have taken a different practice exam and joined this forum BEFORE the test. Only practice test I did was NCEES. My big issue is units and calculator skills. I didn't pay attention enough to the units they were asking for, and I always seem to mistype or mess up when I am trying to do a long calculation. Like you, no clue. I felt "ok" initially after leaving, but now as I dwell on it (as I always do) I feel that I may not have passed. I could think of 2 near the end that I thought I got right when leaving, but realized I didn't due to rushing and units as I thought about it more that night. I think I will be very close to the cut if I do. Wish I left feeling like I passed, but that is not the case. I have a coworker who passed last October and he said the test was very similar to the practice exam. Personally I think this one was quite a bit harder. I guess we will see first or second week of December. It is going to be tough for me not to dwell on it for 6 weeks. I don't feel very confident right now. -Joe