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  1. Study study and study, there is no way around this exam, it's the toughest exam I ever took. If you can teach it you understand it. In the exam you either know or don't know. I opened my reference books for 7 questions,( beside code questions) had 45 minutes extra each session . Congratulations to whom they passed and good luck and never give up to whom did not. Peace be with you and good luck.
  2. If you work in railroad transportation sector I suggest you attend IEEE Traction power subcommittee / OCS subcommittee
  3. Am session was good for me, might guessed Couple of problems, PM session was hard, gussed 7 questions. I'm 75% confident.
  4. The morning session was not too bad, but there Were some weird questions. The aftet noon session sucked gussed alot of questions. I think the electronic one was easier
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