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  1. msf6534

    New Jersey Results

    There's always the possibility that they are inputting the results is based on seat number, not alphabetical.
  2. Hmm I don't even have a row that says "PE Verification". Just "Passed PE Exam" - verbatim.
  3. That would be heart-breaking, but your response made me chuckle haha.
  4. Hi all. Waiting on NJ results here. Someone told me to check the NJ License Login, so I created my account and under the license check list it says "Passed PE Exam - Completed - MAY/15/19" but my NCEES page the results are still pending. Can anyone confirm the validity of this as a passing result??
  5. Civil/Structural: 49/80 for me.
  6. FYI Since they released the 16th edition in April 2018, they no longer provide the index for the 15th edition. If anyone needs the index download for the 15th edition, DM me with your email address, I have a pdf copy.
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