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  1. Drewism

    Power Cutscore October 2018

    It's maddening to know that I was on the border of passing. No use complaining when it's over. I'm just afraid that if I take it again I won't be able to perform as well as I did in the sections that I did do good on, if that makes sense. The damn power electronics and protection is what did me in. I thought protection was going to be worst but it wasn't as bad. Just those relays. Power electronics was my worst considering I never really had any material for that in the first place.
  2. This doesn't really help me. I did the same and still failed. I was blindsided by the power electronics questions and protection questions. That's what killed me. Everything else, I performed fairly decent on. It's hard to find a decent reference given the types of questions in these categories.
  3. Drewism

    Helpful Reference

    It's a bit wordy. I guess you have to read through it to know what to look for. Still better than nothing and I like how it's all in one book.
  4. Drewism

    Helpful Reference

    I just came across a great book. It's called "Handbook of Electric Power Calculations" by H. Wayne Beaty and Surya Santoso. ISBN-13: 978-9387572959 ISBN-10: 9789387572959 Got in on eBay for around $30 new. It includes calculation procedures step-by-step, clearly labeled for the following subjects: Basic Network Analysis Instrumentation DC Motors and Generators Transformers Three-Phase Induction Motors Single-Phase Motors Synchronus Machines Generation of Electric Power Overhead Transmission Lines and Underground Cables Electric-Power Networks Load-Flor Analysis in Power Systems Power-Systems Control Short-Circuit Computations System Grounding Power-system Protection Power System Stability Cogeneration Stationary Batteries Electric Energy Economic Methods Lighting Design Take a look and let me know what you think. Looks very helpful.
  5. Drewism

    Any Update on the Results???????????

    I have a feeling we just barely failed. That's what most have speculated. I knew my stuff but at the same time those battery calcs and protection problems hit hard.
  6. Drewism

    My Power PE Experience

    Protection seems the worst for most people. Not so much for me. I did the worst on power electronics. I would get an overall protection book and not just relaying. Protection can mean fuses, circuit breakers, fault current calcs, CT and VT connections, etc. Go through it more than anything else. Also, check out the IEEE books. Brown, Buff and Green. They're extremely helpful. Practice exams only help so much. A lot of them are very simple compared to the actual exam. My approach now is to write down concepts in my reference book and use that as a "map" for any problems on the future exams. This goes for all subjects. If I had a firm grasp on the concepts for electronics, transmission and protection then I would have been good.
  7. Drewism

    Any Update on the Results???????????

    I like the idea of a closed book CBT exam. The questions probably would be slightly easier. It's also less of a burden. No gathering of materials. It's also nice to schedule it whenever you want instead of the painful waiting. It's just a shame that they're going to start offering it in 2021. That's way too long for me.
  8. Drewism

    Any Update on the Results???????????

    A large chunk of the exam was out of left field. It's reflected in the pass rates this time around. The pass rate was 54% which is 3% lower than the April 2018 exam. I failed too and it was my first time. However, I seemed to score higher for a failing grade than most so that's a positive sign. At the moment, I feel the same way. Very directionless. I don't know which way to turn. Most of my reference and study materials did not help me during the exam. I relied mostly on general knowledge that I've accumulated during studying and tried to apply it to the exam for the questions out of left field.
  9. Drewism

    Any Update on the Results???????????

    Sounds similar to me. I have to focus on those areas too. If I hadn't bombed on those areas and the electronics then I would have passed for sure. Some of those questions in these categories were really out there.
  10. Drewism

    Pass Rates Updated NCEES

    Damn, the pass rate for Power was even lower this time. Not surprising...
  11. Drewism

    Any Update on the Results???????????

    That's what I got. I kind of figured I was very close after taking the exam. It's just that most of the protection questions threw me off. If I had gotten those and a few transmission type problems I probably would have passed. The stuff that I had adequate references on and studied a lot clearly showed in my diagnostic. I scored way higher in those categories than people that have passed. So it makes me happy that I'm not incompetent. Just that I didn't have time and the resources to go into the nitty gritty of these subjects.
  12. Drewism

    Any Update on the Results???????????

    So, I ended up failing. I got a 47/80. My worst subject was devices and power electronics circuits only 29% correct. The 2nd and 3rd worst ones were Transmission and Distribution: Power System Analysis at 45% correct and Protection at 46% correct. Everything else was fairly decent. If I hadn't tanked on these subjects I probably would have passed but it was difficult to study these subjects with lack of decent materials and review problems.
  13. Drewism

    Any Update on the Results???????????

    Sorry to hear the bad news. I thought you took the exam in NYC. Anyway, I took it in NYC and I'm still waiting for NY results. Not looking good considering what I'm reading here. Possible results tomorrow or Friday. Edit: I have failed. I got a 47/80. Doesn't surprise me really. I'm disappointed because I studied a lot and none of it was on the exam. This put a damper on everything.
  14. Drewism

    Oct 18 PE Exam

    I believe it. I already know I failed. I took a real swing for it, you know? That's all that matters.