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  1. I took the exam twice in October of 2018 and April of 2019. Without giving too much away, I feel as if the first time I took it the difficulty was very hard. The material was what I had studied but it was 2-3x the difficulty. I felt more comfortable the second time around. In terms of prep, I know a lot of people stress personal notes and binders but I didn't have any of that. I just read through my reference material prior to the exam. During the exam when a question was asked I would know where to find information required since I had read through all of the references. Also, for the math problems I would just do them over and over again so I wouldn't have to memorize any formulas and spend time looking things up. For example, voltage drop and power factor correction. I would do these practice questions endlessly so it becomes like a second language. Hope this helps. I know everyone studies differently. It all depends on how comfortable you are.
  2. I remember I took the Electrical Power exam last year in October and failed it. In hindsight, I was so pumped and amped. Then when I took it the second time this past April I was so apathetic. I literally showed up with an "I don't care" attitude. I thought "whatever will be, will be". Meanwhile I ended up passing. I guess mentality plays a strong part in passing.
  3. I've always taken two calculators to the FE exam and the PE exam. I remember during my practice sessions I would calculate a really intensive problem using the "poly solve" function on the Ti-36X Pro. It ended up getting the hourglass symbol and taking some time to solve. So, I set it down and went to another calculator and proceeded while the other did its calculations. Definitely take two especially since they're not that expensive compared to other materials.
  4. I would just try and get a ride to the test site. In April the exam was at Pratt in Brooklyn which is way worse for parking. I ended up roping my dad into it and had him give me a ride. Probably the easiest approach.
  5. Here is a look at some of the problems. I felt they offered more of a challenge than some other books. It was good to see new problems after doing Graffeo, Complex Imaginary and EngProGuides.
  6. It's "Power Practice PE Power: Electrical and Computer Power PE Exam" by Shorebrook LLC. It's on Amazon for $29.00. Check it out. I actually enjoyed it.
  7. Forget the Graffeo practice exams. They're too easy. I suggest the Shorebrook 80 question practice exam. It's a bit more difficult and forces you to use your references. There's also a good variety of questions. The only issue I had with it was the poor English in some questions and there were some glaring mistakes. Overall it was good to see fresh practice questions.
  8. I have read the course description and I have my PE as well. Also, previous and current employees at my firm have taken this course. I really think it's used to introduce people to building electrical systems design with no background in engineering. A lot of this stuff can be taught on the job. Seems like it's for people to get their foot in the door with no engineering background or to improve skills with no engineering background.
  9. I don't this this holds any weight. It's good to have some knowledge but I think hands on experience is more important through work as an intern engineer and then working your way up to the PE. This just seems like it's more for people with no real background in any type of engineering.
  10. The Spin-Up exams are very basic. They're good for getting your feet wet however the difficulty is very easy. I would start with Spin-Up and then go onto Complex Imaginary. Complex Imaginary will help you instill the concepts even further especially when it comes to the math stuff. Just remember not to put all of your eggs in one basket.
  11. I just used my ID as a straight edge during the exam if I needed it. I took power so it was kind of not necessary except maybe to draw some clarifying lines on graphs.
  12. Howdy and good luck! Keep doing problems over and over again. Don't get too hung up on theory. Getting the questions done in a timely manner is just as important as soaking up knowledge.
  13. The pencil and paper PE exam is always on a Friday. The SE exam is on Friday and Saturday. The old pencil and paper FE exam was always on a Saturday.
  14. Even at the age of 31 it was taking its toll on me. Combine that with working and commuting then it's a nightmare. I was able to do it with the FE right after I graduated because I didn't have a job and I was fresh out of school. But not being in school for a while and constantly working makes it harder. Luckily I don't have a wife or kids. I don't know how people with a family do it.
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