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  1. I don't this this holds any weight. It's good to have some knowledge but I think hands on experience is more important through work as an intern engineer and then working your way up to the PE. This just seems like it's more for people with no real background in any type of engineering.
  2. The Spin-Up exams are very basic. They're good for getting your feet wet however the difficulty is very easy. I would start with Spin-Up and then go onto Complex Imaginary. Complex Imaginary will help you instill the concepts even further especially when it comes to the math stuff. Just remember not to put all of your eggs in one basket.
  3. I just used my ID as a straight edge during the exam if I needed it. I took power so it was kind of not necessary except maybe to draw some clarifying lines on graphs.
  4. Howdy and good luck! Keep doing problems over and over again. Don't get too hung up on theory. Getting the questions done in a timely manner is just as important as soaking up knowledge.
  5. The pencil and paper PE exam is always on a Friday. The SE exam is on Friday and Saturday. The old pencil and paper FE exam was always on a Saturday.
  6. Even at the age of 31 it was taking its toll on me. Combine that with working and commuting then it's a nightmare. I was able to do it with the FE right after I graduated because I didn't have a job and I was fresh out of school. But not being in school for a while and constantly working makes it harder. Luckily I don't have a wife or kids. I don't know how people with a family do it.
  7. I have this book. In fact, I got it a while ago way before I took the exam. It's great. It has so much information and a lot of esoteric information. It's definitely a good for backup. I would hold onto it even though you may never use it during the exam.
  8. I took the exam twice and ended up passing the second time. I definitely had favorite subjects and ones that I absolutely lamented. My favorites were definitely 3-phase power and the associated calculations. Basically all of the heavy math stuff. I liked working numbers out and manipulating equations. Also, I did not mind power factor correction and transformers. My least favorites were definitely protection; more specifically relays. Differential relays weren't that bad but the distance relays really got me. I hated studying it because I really did not understand them. I also did not like medium transmission lines. The pi and T models got a bit confusing and I ended up getting a bit flustered. Lol.
  9. I'm not a big prep course person. I usually just buy books and study on my own time and read. However, I did buy Justin's EngProGuides Power Guide and sample exams. I loved them. The guide was laid out very well and concise. They were my primary notes to study from. I threw them into a giant 4" binder and tabbed them according to section.
  10. My last name is a "W" and I got mine last week. Perhaps they skipped over you.
  11. The Shorebrook book is pretty good. The only gripe I had with it is that there is broken English in some parts and some questions didn't make sense such as missing information. But overall it was a decent book with pretty interesting questions. This question pertains to equal area criterion and stability. If you need answer to this question then I suggest looking Power Systems Analysis and Design by Glover, Sarma and Overbye. They give a detailed explanation. I used this book to study and it's very concise with detailed examples.
  12. Told you it would be before July 4th. They usually wait all week and flood the system on Friday.
  13. Not you. Others have reported 18 months.
  14. It took a while but it didn't take 18 months. More like 6 weeks.
  15. I don't think they go in alphabetical order. My last name starts with "W" and I just got mine and they're still adding.
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