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  1. I got the result for seismic and surveying this monday and I'm wondering what should I do next? Do I need to submit forms to apply for licensure or I just need to wait for my licensure?
  2. I passed. I think seismic is more difficult than I expected since I don’t do any seismic design at work. I’m a bridge engineer lol
  3. I got my seismic result...but not surveying yet
  4. I know. But I didn't find out about this only after I took the exams lol. If I knew this earlier I would register for August 31st exam =.=
  5. NOOOOOO!! I mean if i took them one day earlier say August 31st, I would have got the result a month early lol...........................
  6. Anyone get their results for September exams? I took them both on September 1st lol that’s a long long wait
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