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  1. What points of time-based data do you work with? - meter data - HVAC data - general equipment - production data What are you find to be your biggest hassles in what you're attempting to accomplish? How do you correlate multiple points of data and with what tools?
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    ok ty Sorry for posting in the wrong spot
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    I posted a video today on the need to perform utility rate optimization before evaluating equipment upgrades. This topic and the video are both informative and provide insight on how not doing so can bite you in you payback analysis. I thought that this was very applicable content in this section and it was subsequently deleted. I'd like to know why that would be the case. I didn't even receive a message to that affect.
  4. I just wanted to throw this out there to anyone considering efficiency upgrades. The video discusses one aspect of consideration. The other consideration (especially in Georgia) is whether you are truly getting the overall savings that represented. I have seen many efficiency folks implement projects that don't know rates and the customer effectively gets half of what they anticipated. We do consulting work in that area and would happy to work with you if needed. Nonetheless, this video discusses the aspects of optimizing rates before embarking on efficiency and even considering rates versus the approach presented by an efficiency contractor that might incorporate a rate change (not always optimal)
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