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  1. Ditto. I felt very prepared going into the exam, and very uncertain coming out. PM session went more smoothly for me than the AM. The PM section had unfamiliar questions at first glace, but I at least had the time to find the solutions or approach in the ASHRAE books for the most part. I felt completely scatter-brained for the AM section. A handful of questions I didn't know how to approach, and a few more I worry I made silly mistakes on. I was also surprised by some of the types of questions that weren't on the exam, but heavily focused on in the practice materials. The wait is so long...
  2. @Slay the P.E. I used the same method, but with a Tdp of 70F instead of 70.2F to get -7. If I sub 70.2 in for Tsurface, I also end up with -3.82F Rtotal = 0.2+3+(1/12) = 3.28 Rair= 0.2 Ts=70F (Tin-Toa)/Rtotal = (Tin-Ts)/Rair Toa = 75F - (3.28/.2)*(75F-70F) Toa = -7F
  3. I'm coming up with -7F, so I'll go with (A).
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