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  1. Got my results yesterday. I passed! Now I just have to wait for my RSP results.
  2. I found the exam challenging. A good portion of the test questions were about the "best" way to approach a problem or situation. Some were even book specific such as, "what is the best way according to the HCM?". Definitely a few quantitative problems with missing formulas that we were "expected to know". I guess we just wait now. Past test takers say to expect results around the beginning of December.
  3. I'm signed up to take the PTOE exam in a week or two. I know that the test was revamped to make it more difficult. Does anyone who has taken it recently have any tips on what to study. I'm reviewing the latest refresher course but I'm hearing that I'm expected to know various formulas and components that aren't covered in the course. This test definitely extends outside my current field and I'm concerned that I don't know enough outside of my knowledge base (Traffic Signals, Signing, Marking, MOT, Ped/Bike facilities). Any advice?
  4. I know this is an old thread but I'm taking the PTOE exam in a week or two and could use some tips. Got any? Side Note: How ya been Dave? District 3 is a mess since you've left.
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