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  1. So I got my hands on a bunch of different practice exams/problems to gauge my abilities on working through the problems. The varying difficulty between sets is really frustrating though. On some of them, I might finish a whole 40 question morning session in under 2 hours. On others, I might answer 10 problems, get 4 wrong and skip 5 in 2 hours and then stop, feeling discouraged and frustrated. Anyone else experience this? If you have any advice or suggestions on which ones were actually helpful for the actual exam and which one's to avoid, please let me know! Here are the practice exams I have so far, ranked from easiest to hardest: Civil PE Exam: How to pass on your first try! - It had some simple straight forward problems and the topics were organized/in order. The long introduction text was kind of motivational. NCEES - I heard this was the most close to the actual exam, I took it pretty early in my studies to see test my level and didn't think it was that hard. PE Prepared - Pretty easy straight forward questions. Mike Hansen's Civil PE Exam Guide - Don't really remember taking it, but I think it had some tricky questions. PPI - Took one of the structural depth; was able to finish but skipped quite a few and some tricky questions slipped me up. Goswami - The one that frustrated me. There was a lot of "depth" to some problems that took a while for me to figure out. 6 Minute Solutions - I initially tried to use this for each topic. But the questions took way too long for me to solve.