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  1. I don't think there is a way to submit your application/be approved to take the surveying and seismic exams early. If there was, I would have taken it as soon as I passed the PE exam. 😕 I found this link too:
  2. krisEng

    1st quarter 2019 approvals

    I just contacted the board and they said we should be hearing back starting at the beginning of this week!
  3. Hello! I did not provide additional sheets. I only filled out whatever fit in the little boxes. At most, I could only put in 3 bullet points while putting in as much engineering experience as possible. From what I heard, one of my coworkers, who filled out part B of the form, added an extra page to the application form. I think she just typed a paragraph on Microsoft Word, but I don't have the full details.
  4. krisEng

    CA PE Timeline

    Has anyone received an Authorization to Test email for the January - March 2019 time period?
  5. They have a book/binder that is full of notes. It is formatted as PowerPoint slides and reflects the videos. I think you need to buy their webinar/seminar in order to get it.
  6. EET has a mini summary sheet in the beginning of the workbook. It is a couple of pages.
  7. krisEng

    CA PE Timeline

    No, this is the first time I'm taking it!
  8. krisEng

    CA PE Timeline

    Just got approved! It took 59 days for my application to get processed since they cashed my check. Hopefully, everyone got the approval email as well.
  9. krisEng

    CA PE Timeline

    That makes sense. Hopefully, we hear back soon! I'm actually planning to check in with them a few days before Thanksgiving since that would mark 60 days since our checks have been cashed. I will keep you updated.
  10. krisEng

    CA PE Timeline

    This was really helpful! UPDATED: - 09/11/18 - Submitted application - 09/12/18 - Packet received - 09/21/18 - Check was cashed - 11/9/18 - Application referred to technical review - 11/19/18 - Application approved
  11. I'm currently taking the EET surveying course. The course notes I was given have sections that say something along the lines of "not included in 2018 test plan" or to skip certain areas since they are no longer on the test. All the videos (and quizzes) are from 2017 though.
  12. I see what you mean. Thanks for your response!
  13. Did anyone take the seismic and surveying exams back to back? If so, did you wish you have taken them on separate days?
  14. fk1987, do you remember when you submitted your application and when it was received by the board?