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  1. I would say - just go through once. Especially concepts like viscosity, pump and motor may be important.
  2. HI, I am also eagerly checking the site everyday. Hope it comes this week.
  3. Workx


    How long it normally takes to get licence after the results? I am checking NY website everyday...
  4. @monty01 Yes, I passed on the 2nd attempt. Relieved.
  5. hi It seems we are closing the D-Day. Last April, it was 41 days from date of Exam (for NY). I hope sometime this week, mostly Friday, results will be out. I am excited, again. What you guys think about results date?
  6. Good to know about PM. I was just able to complete 5 min before the end. I have to guess at 5-7 questions. The topics and questions are changing. MERM and other materials should revise their content to match with current difficulty levels.
  7. Anyone took MDM? I took 2nd time. I felt morning was relatively easy. I was able to get 30-35 questions right. Afternoon was little harder. Fingers crossed.
  8. Thank you sir. I am prepared. better than last time.
  9. Hi Anyone who took MDM 2nd or 3rd time - can you tell me if same questions repeating? Or at least same question types? I am taking 2nd time - wondering if anything I can take away from 1st test.
  10. can you also please sent to
  11. HI, Can anyone guide me how to get? I logged into NCEES and I can't find it. NEVER MIND: I got it.
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