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  1. Just spoke with the Board and received word that I will receive my number on March 29th. Total time from submitting the application to receiving my number? Nearly 120 days.
  2. How do you look up how many licenses have been issued in a particular month?
  3. I still have not gotten my approval email.... going on 90 days since application was received + my check was cashed...
  4. Going on 45 days with no number assigned yet... Has anyone else gotten their number beside @santimeng ?
  5. Received an email today from the Board today stating that exactly what ZZTops said. Will keep everyone posted when I receive my number.
  6. Right there with you guys, no response yet. I called the Board last week and all they could say is that they will send out an email once they've reviewed my application. I will keep you guys posted when I hear anything as well!
  7. Has anyone received any notifications (via email or otherwise) on the status of their applications?
  8. Wondering the same. BPLSE received my PE application on 12/10 and I have yet to hear back.
  9. I took the P.E. Mechanical: TFS test so fortunately this is the last test I have to take. I got all the requirements and paperwork taken care of before the result notice so hoping I was one of the first applicants and it’ll move quickly.
  10. Found out I passed the test this morning and sent out my packet to the CA Board this afternoon. Anyone know what the average processing time to get final licensure is for CA? Congrats to all that passed!
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