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  1. hj_pe

    Geotechnical Depth Practice Problems

    I would add the Goswami practice test to your list. In hindsight I think that one was the best, despite a few possible typos/errors that I encountered (I didn’t have time to email them to question the errors). I personally didn’t like the six minute solutions geotech practice problems. Also, I didn’t think the actual exam was much easier than most of the practice exams you listed. In fact I thought the Oct 18 exam was way harder than the NCEES practice exam, particularly in the breadth section. I was bordering on cocky going into the exam because I scored 75/80 on the practice exam and was quickly panicking on exam day after reading through the first few pages of problems. I agree with the previous post about the qualitative questions. I walked out of the exam thinking “if I failed that, I’m not sure how to better study for it”. I also relied on the Geotech Portable Handbook for a lot of those questions - I would say that book is a must for the geotech exam. I took a review course, but that’s only because I just learn best with a little more structure. Practice problems are definitely the most important part. Good luck with the studying!
  2. hj_pe

    October 2018 Exam - impressions

    I wrote a draft email with specific questions/concerns about a couple of the afternoon geotech questions that I thought were worded poorly or lacked some information. (I know I felt that way about more than a couple but I could only recall the specifics of two questions). I haven’t sent it, not sure if I will. I might just be feeling a little bitter about the whole experience and don’t want to come off sounding the wrong way.
  3. hj_pe

    October 2018 Exam - impressions

    I thought the AM section was really tough (way tougher than the NCEES practice exam) and was surprised to find the geotech section to be more manageable than the AM. The difficulty of the morning threw me off a bit. As for the afternoon, I also thought there were a lot of theory questions, most of which were pretty obscure. And I had to use my judgement on a few of them because the information provided in the question was either strange or lacking in some way. I also felt like there weren’t as many “traditional” geotech questions as I was expecting. All in all, maybe I’m just feeling the post-exam blues but I felt like it was harder than I was expecting. And I did really well on the practice exams (which I timed and tried to replicate testing conditions) but time will tell!
  4. hj_pe

    Oct 2018 Exam - Thoughts?

    I also thought the AM portion was really tough. Much harder than the practice exam. I didn’t think it was heavy in geotech but I generally thought all the questions were tricky. I’m a geotech engineer and I thought to myself “geez, anyone who’s not strong in geotech will find these questions tough”. I thought the practice exam had more simple problems (simple geometry, one-step formulas) but there were very few of those on the actual exam. Maybe I was just unlucky and wasn’t as familiar with the types of problems that showed up. Fingers crossed!