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  1. I took PE Electrical Review course. I think some of his questions were definitely of good tough quality. I do recommend PE Elec Review by Zach Stone. I also left my feedback earlier to Zach and Justin Kauwale to increase more tough questions on Protection/Coordination and per unit methods. Protection/Coordination seems to be toughest for everybody. I think I may have been right at the fence to pass because I did fear a lot before the results that I might fail as I did very poorly on protection/coordination. Good Luck
  2. Eng Pro Guide has also compiled 40 question paper with solutions just for Code. I did purchase that and it was helpful to me in practicing. I believe doing a exercise of looking for how to solve for code questions makes you actually look for solution in the code books and it is good for your memory/practice later on in the exam. Since I passed , I do not have the breakup of the marks I got, but I was confident that I did good on 13 Code questions.. Cheers..
  3. Hi There, I have somewhat similar experience as yourself. I have graduated from India in mid 90's and have been in Canada since 99. I am a Professional Engineer in Ontario and Alberta for last six years. I have also started the process of getting PE from Michigan beginning of this year. In July 2018, I had cleared my FE exam and in October sitting I have cleared the PE power exam. I have checked with Michigan LARA, They have everything but are just waiting for verification on my degree from India. Hopefully they can confirm on it soon and I will get the PE license then. I have been in Engineering Consulting since 2000 in Canada. I have worked on a lot of projects in Canada, US, Europe and a few in middle east. I can tell you from my experience that you are on right track. PE from any state in US is most prestigious thing. I know this fact as although I am a Professional Engineer (P.Eng) in Canada, but the value of PE license is much more and most sought of in the world. Clearing of 2 tough exams to acquire it makes its reputation around the world. Do not give up and try again in April 2019. You may have to work a bit harder this time as you must have noticed that the exam is not easy and in actuality tougher than NCEES practice exam. Pay extra attention to Protection and Coordination. All the best.
  4. Yes, Graffeo practice exam is easier than actual exam. Try to also look for more tough problems elsewhere. Eng Pro Guide and Electrical PE Review are good. Wasim Asghar's PE Power practice exam is also good but I would also take Grafeo in the exam as certain topics/questions are covered in good detail.
  5. In my opinion, Please try to do a lot of problems on fault analysis too, specially with per unit method. Looks like NCEES is very fond of per unit method. Also try doing problems on distant and differential protection relays. I also remember we had a numerical problem on Arc Flash Analysis, Although I remember I could not put the formulas right and the answer which I was getting was not to be found in the four choices. Definitely the questions you should practice should be a little more difficult than NCEES practice exam. One thing I did notice in the exam was that the problems are not very lengthy. There is a certain element of twist to each question. If you break open that twist , you will find the answer, Good Luck
  6. Justin, I had passed and I did like your study guide in certain sections. Your's and PE Electrical Review's material are well written and easy to understand. Thank You and as well to Zach (PE Electrical Review). I had back and forth looked at both the materials in the exam to find the right solutions.
  7. I recommend it. Although I did not use to prepare it, but I saw a copy of it with my friend later. The book looks like very simple to read and follow. I too downloaded a copy of Blackburn, but I thought Blackburn was too damn difficult and very heavy to follow. Check it on Amazon, It is in $25-35 range
  8. I had also passed. I do feel for some of common bloggers who could not make it. The exam was indeed very tough and even I was fearful till Wednesday when I got some good news. Please do not loose heart and try it again in April and I wish the one's who could not make all the best. Two cents worth of my experience in preparation and in exams Pay extra attention to Protection and Coordination, Although I did not read it, but I recommend Fundamental of Power System Protection by Y.G. Paithankar. Practice Numerical type problems on Distance and Differential Protection systems. Pay extra attention to per unit analysis. Pay extra focus on Variable Frequency Drive section in Motors Pay extra focus on Batteries, specially the batteries to be used in solar power applications. Practice a lot of Code Questions. Justin Kauwale has a separate 40 question test just on code questions. I did practice those. I believe I did really good on code questions and probably that is why I passed. I recommend join PE Electrical review course. Zach has done a commendable job in preparing that course. Very detailed and a lot of practice problems Also take Graffeo book in exam. I did buy book by Camara, but I did not like it and returned it as it covers a lot of insignificant areas which are not laser focused for PE Power exam Cheers..
  9. Same here, I think on AM session I am confident on 23 questions and guessed or educated guesses on 17. In PM session vice versa of the 2 numbers . I also give myself 40-50 percent chance of passing
  10. Hi Guys, Very quiet here, How is the final gear coming along. I will do my complete books shut-down by 1PM tomorrow. Then I have to drive for four hours to reach Detroit where I am writing mine.. Wish everyone all the best. Go and nail it, at least for now I think I will.
  11. I have one question from guys who gave exam in April and passed. : Were your struggling in time management. Were the questions very lengthy and time consuming to solve and also what percentage were numerical based questions and what percentage were theoretical type (conceptual). Just a rough ball park estimate.
  12. I had compiled one binder of GE Protective Relays and Blackburn (all printed from PDF). I have not once looked at it nor do I intend to see before the exam. In your opinion, do you think it would be ok if I skipped this binder and did not take it with me to exam. I am now trying to see how I can cut down on the ref. material for the exam.
  13. The output at AB is not going to be 3 phase, it is going to be either one of the single phase, so yes then the peak to peak of that one of the single phase will be 125Vrms * root(2) = 177V.
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