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  1. CA got the result this morning. I passed. Thank you for all information posted in this board. It helps a lot, definitely. EET course helps, for sure.
  2. Congratulations @PEStructureAspirantThank you for the news. Still being nervous waiting for CA this side 🙂
  3. @FissyThank you so much Fissy. Yes, it will be my 1st attempt. The scope of the test is so intimidating. Your shared experience is so valuable. I am really stuck in structural analysis (esp. indeterminate methods that you just said) and it seems that I can't move on. Do they ask about special topics (fatige, thermal deformation, progressive collapse etc) as mentioned in the Specs? I will do my best and if I have any further questions, I will ask you. Thanks much, again 🙂
  4. Hi Fissy, Congratulations! I truly respect your strong determination. I think my concern now should be what to focus in studying. Just about 3 months away but I am now already overwhelmed of what I have not reviewed (Structural analysis, Concrete, Steel, not even counting Wood, masonry, and precast concrete and the whole breadth). I feel that it is almost sure that I will not have enough time to do a thorough review. Please advise what topics to focus based on priorities. What is your way to practise problems? Any advice from you will be definitely appreciated. If you have any material to share, my email is Thank you so much for your kind help.
  5. Thank you for your great advice @Stardust85@StandardPracticeDefinitely I will tab it as much as I can.
  6. Thank you @leggo PE. The info is very helpful :-).
  7. I am worried about how difficult the questions related to the codes. The books are too to locate the right content and any calculation required to solve these questions? Any tips to deal with them? Thank you so much.
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