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  1. Not sure if I have a favorite subject. I decided to take this dam test one more time. This being my third time. I took the last two test (oct 2018 and apr 2019).I was thinking about taking some time off but decided against it. I signed up for zacks course last weekend and started going through the online part in order of the live class syllabus. That way I’m a little ahead of the live class when it starts. Also I figured I can finish the online part by the end of August then start doing a whole bunch of problems for the final 6 weeks or so. I just hope Zach’s course is what gets me over the hump. So far I like it. I feel like I’ve picked up on a few things that I was doing wrong on the previous attempts. I really like the video examples. I feel like that helps a lot in understanding the problems.
  2. I got a 49 and I know I was probably only 2 or 3 away from passing at most. You are more than welcome to post their diagnostic reports but I am calling BS on the 58 failing. Maybe you miss heard him and he said 48. Or maybe he didn’t count correctly.
  3. I have a hard time believing the cut score was that high. Especially since the pass rate was still very low compared to other exams. That means someone got over a 70% and still failed. I could see the cut score being that high if say the pass rate was in the 80% range. Idk I just can’t believe it would be that high.
  4. Considering the fact that the exam I took almost 1800 people took it and 50% failed you have been proven wrong. But I guess that was an improvement from last October when there was a fail rate of 57%.
  5. I would have rathered not known that. But I kinda already knew I was close. Samething as last October. I think someone posted they got one point lower than me in Texas and they got a 68%. I honestly think if I was a Texas exam taker I would have gotten a 69% two exams in a row. I’m so disgusted.
  6. Saul Good

    Cut scores

    Power 49/80
  7. Failed, 49/80. I guess I improved but not by much. Made a 47/80 last time.
  8. I didn’t feel too confident coming out of it. Second time taking power. Made a 47/80 last October so I know I was close. Even though I don’t feel confident I think I still gave myself a chance. It is what it is at this point. If I fail I don’t think I’m taking it again until it becomes computer based in 2021.
  9. Louisiana checking in....still waiting.
  10. Forgot that disclaimer. I’m in a state that typically releases’s results day 1. I don’t care about any other state. Lol.
  11. It could but going by the last 5 years worth of data, not likely.
  12. Yeah but this year the test was early April. Based on that spreadsheet I doubt it’s much passed may 15th. That’s the 40 day mark. My guess it will be the week of May 13-17. After Memorial Day would put it over 50 days. No way results come out that late.
  13. I think what he means is that as the exams are transitioning there will be less and less paper exams to grade. No large exams (power, mechanical, civil) have been transitioned yet however I think four exams have been so that takes away several hundred exams from the paper based grading. Logically it makes sense that it would go a little quicker.
  14. Im not sure about complaining about errors/discrepancies, I just used it as a way to complain in general.
  15. Not true. I took it last October. I failed. A co worker of mine passed. We both got one delivered in our inbox at exactly the same time. I am assuming everyone gets one.
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