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  1. One thing I did not mention in my preparation thread that helped me was my method of studying and scheduling, which of course is subjective and different for everyone. Having a study plan was great, but knowing how to effectively execute that study plan (via active learning) was huge to overcome barriers such as forgetting what I learned last week after moving on to a new topic. You can stuff a bunch of information into your brain after hours of studying, but it's just as important to be able to pull information from your brain after every study session to solidify concepts. Everyone learns differently so it's important to find what works for you before committing hours and hours to studying.
  2. I felt pretty good after taking the exam, although I didn't want to believe I was going to pass until I saw the 4 green letters. I don't think anyone can come out of an exam like that feeling overly optimistic, especially with a 40+ day wait ahead for results. With my preparation, I probably knocked out half of the exam problems with 90% confidence on my first pass. The rest of the points I attribute to my brain working on test day to solve problems I had never seen before. I also made a few extra effort plays (binding resources, building/organizing solutions, tabbing references, etc.) that paid off for a few problems. At the same time, I spent many hours on topics that didn't show up on the test.
  3. Passed the October 2018 Power PE Exam! Below is a thread I started outlining my preparation. Planning to make some updates to it shortly.
  4. ^^^ Felt good on the morning portion, definitely was a challenge tho. Glad my brain was working. Had more guesses and 50/50's on the second half, but thought I had a good shot at passing after calculating my projected score. If all of my guesses were wrong, then I'm screwed. But anyways, whatever the outcome, it was quite the journey. Pass = hard work paid off. Fail = hard work still in progress, work even harder next time. Fearfully optimistic.
  5. I'm banking on my brain going into fight or flight mode on exam day and being able to extract all the information I've stuffed in it over the past couple of months. I'm currently reviewing all of my solutions and resources in an attempt to prime my brain in understanding that all this stuff is important and will be in use very soon..
  6. Practice (CI tests) + learning from mistakes + practice (EngProGuides Exam) + learning from mistakes + practice (Graffeo) + learning from mistakes + practice (NCEES practice exam) + learning from mistakes + practice (NEC code problems) + reading Wildi + YouTube videos = My preparation.
  7. Can someone explain to me why the NCEES solution to problem 510 uses the table value from 310.15(B)(16) to size the overload protection device? Shouldn't table values be used for conductor sizing? It clearly states in 430.6 (2) that nameplate values should be used to determine current ratings for separate motor overload protection. It also clearly states in 430.32(A)(1) that the separate overload device shall be rated at no more than the following percent of the motor nameplate full-load current rating. If that was the case, I would solve for current given 50HP and 460V (efficiency and power factor not given so this would be an assumption at best), which doesn't seem to have a good answer.
  8. I've taken both exams, below are my results: 1 month into studying, took EngProGuide exam and scored 49/80. 1.5 months into studying, took the Graffeo practice exam and scored 65/80. This exam contained more "easy" questions compared to the EngProGuide and NCEES practice exams. 2 months into studying, took the NCEES practice exam and scored 56/80. This exam contained more "weird" questions compared to the previous two exams I took. Seems like most of the easier questions from the previous version prior to this year were replaced with the aforementioned "weird" questions. I probably would've gotten 3-4 more problems correct if I took the previous version. No one knows the pass rate but a rough approximation would be ~56/80. For the amount of effort I'm putting in to streamline my studying, it seems like I'm barely scratching that threshold. I'm definitely preparing for the worst and hopefully I should be good after building all solutions and understanding what I got wrong the first time around on each exam.
  9. Just took the NCEES practice exam and scored a 56/80 (70%). Was hoping to score a little higher but the test was fairly difficult in my opinion even after 2 months of studying. To those who have passed the exam (or studying now), how did you score on the NCEES practice exam? Given that the NCEES practice test is the closest thing to the actual test, I'm hoping this final month of studying will prepare me enough to score above a 70% on the actual test.
  10. Has anyone found doing the Wildi practice problems in the helpful chapters mentioned above (both sample problems in the chapter and easy-medium problems at the end of the chapter) helpful for the actual exam or is it not a good use of time? Debating whether or not I should squeeze in Wildi practice problems to my study schedule.
  11. P.S., I haven't passed the exam (yet), so I don't know what I'm talking about (yet).
  12. Hi all. I will be taking the Power PE exam in the fall for the first time. Please critique my study plan and let me know if there are notable resources or steps I'm missing that I should take a look at or reference. Also if anyone wants to share their study plans in preparation for the upcoming exam, please do. I didn't sign up for a review course since I don't have trouble staying focused doing independent studying as long as I have my resources together. I started studying in late July and have been staying on track so far putting in ~16-20 hrs/week. Below is my outlined study plan: JULY Researched and gathered resources (ordered below by importance per category based on research and conversations with those who have passed the exam) Study Guides EngProGuides Technical Study Guide Graffeo's book Practice Exams NCEES practice exam EngProGuides full exam Graffeo's book CI code drill book CI practice exams (vol. 1 & 2) References 2017 NEC codebook (borrowed the codebook, not spending $200 for the handbook) Tom Henry's 2017 NEC Key Word Index 2017 NESC & 2015 NFPA 70E (since these are on the NCEES outline) Wildi's book Blackburn's relaying book 3" binder organized with recommended online references and articles per topic Camara's book (for one off problems) AUGUST (warm-up month) Printed out EngProGuides Technical Study Guide. Organized in 3" Binder with A-Z Tabs and created table of contents. Used cheat sheet as primary formula sheet, to be updated while studying. Grinded out CI practice exams #1 & 2 at my own pace. I've read that the CI practice exams are not representative of problem type or difficulty compared to the actual exam, but they are good for getting warmed up and nailing down basic concepts. Scored 38/80 and 41/80 respectively... built solutions and added notes to resources & formula sheets. SEPTEMBER (get learnt month) Read through my presumably #1 resource, EngProGuides Technical Study Guide, front to back. Grinded out the EngProGuides Full Exam at my own pace. I've read this exam is pretty close in difficulty to the actual exam, if not slightly harder. Got 49/80 on this one... built solutions and added notes to resources & formula sheets. Read through my presumably #2 resource, Graffeo's book, front to back. Did practice exam in Graffeo's book. I've read this exam is slightly easier than the actual exam. This practice exam is slightly more involved than the CI exams. Grinded out exam in 1 sitting with a break in between, scored 65/80 (81.25%). Completed in 4 hours and 45 mins. Build solutions and add notes to resources and formula sheets Did NCEES practice exam. I've read this exam is slightly easier than the actual exam. Simulate actual test taking environment. Aiming to get a high score on this one. Got 56/80 (70%) on this one. Build solutions and add notes to resources and formula sheets. OCTOBER (game-time month) Practice a bunch of CI code drill book problems. Watch YouTube videos on weak areas. Tab references that contain relevant information per NCEES outline. Wildi's book Blackburn's relaying book IEEE Buff Book IEEE Green Book 3" binder organized with recommended online references and articles per topic REVIEW I understand that everyone has different study methods and ways of learning, but in general I think the plan outlined above should adequately cover the exam topics and give me a good shot at passing the exam come October. I definitely want this exam process to be a "one and done" sort of deal. A combination of practice problems, study guides (EngProGuides and Graffeo specifically), and tabbed references is what I'm leveraging to prepare for the exam.
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