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  1. Because everyone is assuming the rule of thumb 70% minimum. Which is a fallacy.
  2. 1. Is your license application only pending your result or are you going to apply after you pass? >>>>> In either case, you should wait until you actually have your licensing credentials before you do anything. 2. Does the company have a written policy that you agreed to in writing that limits your ability to negotiate outside of a review period (rare)? >>>>> If yes, then you're kind of stuck. If no, then there is nothing preventing you from having a sit down with you manager to explain the recent major change in your credentials and marketability to justify a mid-year bump.
  3. I felt the morning was harder than the afternoon but not drastically so. There was one really odd ball question in the morning that took me aback but I felt all the others were fair. Don't confuse that with confidence.... I just said the questions were fair not that I got them right.
  4. I was an electrician for years before getting into engineering. I can more easily navigate the standard book than the handbook and do not need all the examples offered in the latter. I had no issues with the code questions. I would say your automatic assumption is false.
  5. "Look at me! I have a PE! It's sooooo important! Blah blah blah" -Justin Stine (moderately paraphrased)
  6. I don't think I would be capable of waiting more than 5 seconds after getting the email to check.
  7. Original snip just for the record.
  8. Really? I just snipped from the dashboard, moved the PE exam name over the FE result. They use different terms for each exam?
  9. I just hope its not the 17th. Cause if I fail, it is going to make for a dreary 11th anniversary.....
  10. What if I told you that Las Ketchup is the greatest song and video ever made? Las Ketchup
  11. For me, it's the personal satisfaction or reaching 'the top' of my discipline. If I never actually stamp anything in practice, I'm ok with that. I will if called upon and I've done my due diligence but I don't strive for that part of the accomplishment.
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