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  1. If anyone is taking it in San Mateo, bring a pillow or cushion for the chairs. The convention center chairs are terrible and about 4" lower than they should be for the table height.
  2. As @Zach Stone, P.E. says, it is cheap insurance to have a spare (or 2 if so inclined) just in case. I took one personally but did not have to use it fortunately. Now I have a backpack calculator and a desktop calculator so no real loss in $$$ anyway.
  3. Glad you found that. I used that one and also this one from SEL.
  4. You will do well. If, for some reason, you do end up taking it again, you will be in very good company. But don't think about that now. Just focus on the task at hand.
  5. I have both and prefer Wildi. It was an easier read for me. That's very subjective though. YMMV.
  6. For those taking the 10/25 administration, you are on the last legs of your preparation now! If you haven't taken a full length practice test by now, I recommend you do so and focus your efforts on your problem areas. Don't let nerves slow down your progress. Don't let missed practice problems discourage you. Take your improvement areas one at a time, focus on those with more exam representation first, and stick with them until your reach an acceptable level of comfort. If you are like me, you will not be completely comfortable but you won't feel totally unprepared either. Below is a link to how I passed the exam just in case anyone finds value in it at this point in their prep. How I Passed April 2019 Best of luck and stay strong til end!
  7. I'm so paranoid about that. Most of my exam advise has become so generalized it's almost useless. lol
  8. I am no authority on the topic. I just saw an easy troll target.
  9. It will help you answer very basic questions quickly. There is some value in being able to instantly recall those basics when they come up as part of other, more complex problems.
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