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  1. @Dexman PE PMP Yay on the eye getting better and not needing surgery!!! But your outside kitty transition to inside sounds like my outdoor cat. No major injuries, but she was a little timid about coming inside/having the door closed behind her for the first 6-months or so when we wanted her in due to the winter weather/raccoon gangs. Still prefers to 'do her business' outside, but she's slowly realizing that she doesn't have to stay outside if it's cold. She has staked a claim on the spare-room bedroom but she still hasn't gotten a hang of 'kneading' correctly (she tends to rip blankets and pillows to shreds with her razor claws). @Dleg I used to have an older cat who made it to 19-years old, who had a pill medication. Didn't work/she hated it/struggled etc. Worse thing ever, and she was the sweetest cat in the world. Finally asked the doctor if there was anything we could do to change it and he was able to get it liquified/she was much easier to syringe with beef-flavored medication. Is there anything else you can do, besides the IV injections? If the cat is just dehydrated, resulting in higher kidney use, can you perhaps use the ultra wet broth food as supplement to the normal food (I was using it for older kitty since she kinda stopped drinking for a bit)?
  2. Would you eat 2-3 eggs a day? I have a friend who had a similar idea, actually started getting that many eggs a day, and promptly started drowning in yolk. Started giving me a dozen eggs each weekend so I could practice my meringues and feed my outdoor cat. As for eating fertilized vs. non...does it make that big of a difference since you're getting them right after they're laid? Or are you actively going to try the whole 'chicken motherhood, oh god, did they get turned' thing?
  3. ^^Does that mean eggs? I know nothing about chickens, except that they eat grit to help digest food, so I don't know if you need a rooster to make eggs. And since you have a rooster...does this now mean chicken is on the menu sooner rather than later?
  4. ^^Literally every time I see that wing discussion, I wonder if they're even good wings? Or are they 'drunk at 2pm on a Sunday, making poor decisions, and really hungry, let's buy 200'-wings.
  5. Yeah, getting into schools around here is crazy competitive. I mean, I have a friend of mine who is scared-stiff her kid won't get into the school she wants because she didn't get into the right pre-school. I don't understand any of this nonsense, but I do hope the kids who got in on the fraudulent actions of their parents get kicked out.
  6. On the subject of buffets, I don't actually like them (Vegas or otherwise). I don't like grazing for a full 2-hours and it frustrates me when the one item I like/can eat is always empty. I do like eating and checking out the restaurants and the random places around the strip. A majority of the 'snazzy' restaurants usually have a place in NYC that I can eat at a little cheaper, since I can go off-season and usually with a friend in the industry so we can expense it (lol). A good place to go for a quick/satisfying bite was actually Beijing Noodle No. 9 in Caesars. Solid food, not too expensive, and I liked the huge amount of fish tanks everywhere. The shrimp dumplings are fantastic!
  7. Huzzah! Ugly JK handwriting!!! And Honey Drizzle is the best drag name. I feel like most baking things could be great drag names. Like Moist Crumble or Soggy Bottom or Rapidly Whip.
  8. Did this work? Now I'm curious on why some people can see some of my photos and some people cannot. HMMM. https://photos.app.goo.gl/fRgdVWPizkWPKQdy5
  9. THIS IS QUITE A ROUNDABOUT WAY. IF YOU WERE PART OF THE EB GIRLS SNAPCHAT YOU GET ALL THE NONSENSE. Lololol, I'll send it to @vee043324 and @tj_PE, so they can post it to instagram and MY RECIPE WILL BE STOLEN BY THE WORLD.
  10. Too late. Pie day was yesterday!
  11. This work? No link, but scratchy-scratchy JK writing? If you want, I can try and look for the chocolate cake recipe I usually use, but it might be deeper in the book.
  12. I'm no longer doing anything for this weekend, which means I can bake something for St. Patrick's. I did a Bailey's cheesecake with chocolate ganache a few years ago, and then a Bailey's poke cake with homemade butter cream last year...Maybe apple cake with a custard component? If I had Guinness I could attempt that weird cake with a cream cheese frosting. Ugh. I'll most likely get too deep into recipe mods and end up eating cheese balls instead of baking.
  13. If I am banned, you'll be sad, because there will be a severe lack of cookie photos. But I understand. I'll go hide out in the girls section and cry. @Supe...It is terrifyingly hilarious that I ordered 2 boxes of cat litter today for delivery? Just saying,
  14. You're, like, idk, the creepy neighbor who everyone knows about and I say hello to when I get my mail, but I wouldn't let into my house to watch my cats while I'm away on vacation. So, yes.
  15. sorry bro. I only ship cookies to friends and bagels to family. Plus, I feel like USPS would not take a hastily wrapped box that says "to: Ble_PE" with no address. 😂😗
  16. Ah!!! He comes almost every year to Jones Beach! Will the parrot heads be able to build beaches in front of the MGM? I stayed at the MGM, it was pretty good roomwise and the buffet was nice. Hakkasan...was exactly like any club I've been to before, but maybe it's different for guys? Only thing I didn't really like is that it's near the end of the strip, so to see the Bellagio fountains/going to a majority of the shows, required a bit of a hike.
  17. Guys. I went down a terrifying 'what am I doing with my life'-spiral last night and decided to attempt a small batch triple-chocolate chip cookie at approx 10:30 pm last night. The cookies came out beautiful. Really nice browned base. Chewy, but a little crisp at the edges, and the three different chocolate chips really melded well together.
  18. I mean, I heard you need to google with at least 2 more friends for moral support. I guess you need to squeeze a lot of fruit! 😗
  19. You'll might be getting offerings sooner rather than later! I'm making another batch of these later this week...and maybe some chocolate chip cookies. MAYBE YOU'LL GET SOME.
  21. Crappy shot of the lemon-poppy seed cookies I made with a lemon glaze. Wish I had a lemon in the fridge so I could have substituted lemon zest instead of the extract. Maybe some candied peel on top next time?
  22. Wait, even though they were flat, you threw them out? Did you try them? I feel like I've made cornbread before without baking soda...but maybe I pan cooked them? Like pan cakes?
  23. I might try something next week. My dad 'donated' a bag of bread flour to me. Want to do a comp between normal KA flour and KA bread flour. Might also steal the bad of wheat flour my dad bought as well. They don't bake, so it'll be a fun experiment. Also, I am close to running out of flour...and I don't feel like buying my usual huge bag. Uggggh. Decisions!
  25. @leggo PEWHERE ARE THE FINAL PICS. WHY IS IT STILL IN PROGRESS. Also, I have decided that if I don't go to the gym tonight, I have to bake. No more lounging on the couch enjoying my spare time. I've got to start doing something with my life, god.
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