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  1. Microwave in-a-cup pancake and a piece of Tyson breaded chicken tender.
  2. *need to bake rising* I finally moved this past couple of weekends/been busy with life, but I might un-pack the mixer. Whip up something that uses the 4-quarts of farm strawberries I got last week.
  3. I loath prickly pears and their tiny little invisible spines that always get on my hands no matter what I do. 😫
  4. With the way my parents vacation, I would not be surprised (but it looks to be fairly easy to scoot from Vegas into Arizona into UT, they like driving). Before I got that one photo my mother had sent numerous photos of Denny's, casino reels, a buffet, and then my brother holding two huge stuffed fish. I no longer know where they are, only that it's hot and they are walking a lot. I didn't know Saguaros weren't native to NV or UT! I just assume if it's dry/hot that a cactus should grow (I am slowly killing my little cactus garden at my desk, I think the windows are either magnifying the sunlight and burning them, or the window is transferring too much cold near them, also it's really dry in the office, so I keep watering them since they're getting...puckered).
  5. Continuing on non-automotive/garage random topics...I think my parents are having too much fun in Nevada/Utah...
  6. Every single thing I read online was like, "You will die if you try to replace torsion springs." Which is why I called someone to do it. One of the springs had snapped, and the guy said the springs were too small, so I am happy I called. I do think it was a little high, maybe 20% higher, and if I shopped around I probably could have found something cheaper, but I def wasn't going to attempt this myself. Unfortunately, prices are so wacky on LI/NYC that I never know if I'm getting ripped off or if it is just inflated due to it being limited to people on the Island. I've actually been attempting to do things by myself (take that, air filter!) but I knew I was over my head to attempt anything with the garage door; especially since it's a really heavy steel/double car garage door.
  7. When your a single female, and the service guy is a good foot taller/50-pounds heavier...Worst case scenarios come out real quick. BUT I DIDN'T GET ROBBED OR RAPED SO THEY GOT A GOOD REVIEW! 🤩
  8. Not going to lie, I'd like it to have been cheaper (maybe $400), but that's all on me not looking around and grabbing the first place that popped on my phone (plus not wanting to have multiple rounds of estimates/paying for guys for service calls). Eh, what's done is done and I think I'm lucky to be in the position of that being the only thing I can complain about.
  9. Yeah, it was $600 repair for everything (2 springs + center bearing) for a 2-car residential. No late night repair, but we do have a really heavy door. We couldn't open the door manually unless we had like 3-people heaving/puffing and it slammed shut. Oh well, I'm chalking it up to expensive LI/NYC pricing and I'll learn to never own my own garage in the future. Aka: JK should shop more around, but when google has a 4.9 star review I'll just pay the extra so they don't rob/rape me.
  10. Ugh. Pretty sure I got over-charged for repairing the springs for my parents garage ($600 total, after tax), but the garage actually opens now, the guy had all the parts, and he got it done in under 2-hours. Even mentioned that the previously installed springs were under-sized, so, eh. I'm just happy he came when he said he would and I can just work a few hours OT to make up for the price. Still. Oof. Not sure if I want to be a homeowner if that's the low-end of how much things cost. 😖
  11. Update on P2: She keeps growing (that's a normal bathmat and she isn't stretched out). I don't a normal house cat is supposed to get this big...
  12. Yeah; I got it back and pushed on my corners and my car barely moved/bounced even when I went to town. It's a Corolla, so it's not heavy at all, so I am assuming my struts are okay for now. If I bring it in at 50k and someone else mentions it, then I'll take it to my 'real' guy and have him take a look. Nice, old school, auto shop guy that has amazing reviews and is really helpful. Also: opinions on aftermarket remote starters? Yay or nay?
  13. Thanks for the info! Yeah, I drive around 100-miles a day on crappy Long Island/NY roads that do have a ton of potholes, but it's not feeling clunky and my car doesn't seem to be shifting a lot (well, more than usual, since it's a sport model it does tend to 'feel' the road a little bit more than like, my mom's Avalon tank). I'm getting my 50k oil change/maintenance in a few months. If someone who is doing that says your struts are wonky, then I'll think about it more. Always wait until 2 guys are like "somethings off". Worse comes to worse, I can go to this really good auto guy nearby who often takes looks at things like this. Will def do the 'bounce test' this weekend. ...also. @Master slacker...how do I check under my dust boot of my strut? Do I need to do anything dramatic? Again, I am a total car idiot and I'm always scared of messing something up.
  14. Guys. Another n00b vehicle owner question. Corolla 2016. 47k miles. Getting yearly NYS inspection. Guys said that one of my struts was leaking and that I should replace all 4 of them. Quoted me $675+tax for replacement of all 4. I haven't really felt anything while driving, but I don't know if I should go for this? Does the price seem reasonable? PLEASE HELP. My dad will tell me to get it done at a dealership, which costs so much more! T_T
  15. I'm going to...kickboxing after work. *shudder* I hate this 'attempting' to be healthy. Why can't I have a beach bod now?
  16. *grabs dirt and grass to pull myself up from ditch* It's Friday! I can make it! I can-*gets pulled back into ditch with responsibilities* Nooooooo~
  17. I never played DnD when i was younger, due to nerds being really frowned upon/it not being healthy in my high school. I recently started playing with a couple of friends, only it's a Midnight campaign (where the bad guys have won, you can't have 'real' weapons, and life is just horrible). It's really fun! We try to meet up once a month, but life gets in the way. Plus, since it's Midnight, there is a lot of people in our group killing other people in our group so they won't be sacrificed for a tithe. It's actually really complex and I love it!
  18. Got another bag of mint from my coworker. I think she is excited that nobody refused her mint. Going to give it to my mom when they get back from upstate. My cacti are not doing too well...I feel like I'm either watering them too much, or too little. I am a horrible plant caretaker. We're supposed to be getting severe thunderstorms in a couple days, with 40MPH+ winds. Which means my weekend is going to be picking up sticks, sticks, and more sticks. BUT maybe my mom will let me use her industrial hand clippers so I can go after that stupid vine that keeps growing!
  19. Seniority means nothing! I say go for it! Blame me if you fail (which you totally won't, I believe in you!)!
  20. That is might life right now. Which is why I'm thinking of trying to get into the government work (if I'm not doing deign, might as well be someone who reviews).
  21. @LyceeFruit THAT SOUNDS LIKE REAL ENGINEERING. Mine is mostly calling the state, actually catching our PM in the office, and being able to just ask him verbally. Everything worked out well, but now I have to figure out my timesheet. Ugghggghh. I want a job where I don't have to worry about timesheets and I can just come in, do my work, and leave. But I don't want to be my own boss either.
  22. Uugfuedjhdvjk. Back to the drawing board with the state. They approved one backfill, but not the other, and instead of the contractor being happy with that, they want to other approved. So I've got to go back to the state and ask them what we need to do to get the other material approved. And it's kinda a shit-show, but not really?
  23. Yeah, I think bureaucracy is a given in the NYC-area. I don't mind it, but I'd like to have a better work-life balance? Like, money is awesome, but when I don't really have the time to go on vacation due to everything being in a single pool, it kinda makes me not want to play.
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