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    EB Mafia

    So you're younger than my dad. I am assuming...mmmmmm, mid-50s. Maybe around 55/56. That was my dad's age when I finished up my grad school and I was the baby of the bunch. And most people have to google mountain dew mouth. It is...unpleasant to see.
  2. JayKay PE

    EB Mafia

    Like, old-old, retirement old? Or old-old, my body is failing me due to the advances in science, and I can never retire due to budget cuts, old?
  3. My comfort food is my mom's chicken soup. She doesn't add noodles to it, but she makes it from scratch. Boils a whole chicken. Scoops off the fat. Adds a bunch of parsnips and huge peppercorns. ...now I miss my mom and home.
  4. Cheeks of a fish and oysters of a chicken are the best food, tbh.
  5. My parents were raised by parents who were born right in the middle of the great depression. It has...affected them in different ways. I also like to eat shit on a shingle, but I can't prepare it.
  6. Cooked or straight from the ground? A big thing my mom used to make when we were little was smalec, which I guess is like reheated pig fat with onion? She'd always strain off the bacon fat when cooking it and it was delicious!
  7. My type of people! I have been judged by many college friends when I ate something 'questionable'.
  8. Oh thank god. I was worried I had mentioned one of the forbidden foods when people go "JK...that is not normal food/not what a normal person eats...why?"
  9. When you get Maruchan in a block it's actually two pieces (one long piece bent over). You can snap off pieces to eat uncooked and it's crunchy/crispy/delicious. Has a light film of, idk, oil/something to preserve it. I started eating them like that in college when I would work in the art studio late welding and I wouldn't have a kettle and all the food places were closed.
  10. That and more. Rampant use of 'member' and 'cock'. I also read such high caliber literary pursuits as "Dirty Sexy Knitting", "#fashionvictim" and "The Devil in the White City".
  11. Wait. For actual cooking or for eating as a delicious, crispy, snack? I mean, it's Maruchan for both, but I need further details.
  12. Ahhhhh, my library lets me 'suggest' a bunch of books when I can't find them in the catalog, but they show up in the search. Numerous regency romance novels have been added to my library's digital inventory. *is proud of that fact*
  13. I just saw a bunch of flesh. Kinda like the finger/baby hand tattoo fail:
  14. I always throw a hold on them, read a bunch of other books, forget about the app, and then I get an email saying my hold was automatically checked out! Do the different libraries have different inventory on Overdrive? My library is part of a huge network of libraries on LI, so there is always at least 5-copies of the books. Really popular books have 50+ copies.
  15. JK reaction when this came up/not really looking:
  16. I actually purged a bunch of my physical books last year, when I moved. I now read a ton on my library's overguide/whatever it's called. I like it because I can read it on my phone or kindle. I'm currently reading "Beautiful Joe", aka;. dog version of Black Beauty
  17. Naaaaaaaaah! It's obviously not a safe place, since people keep hacking it/thinking it's some crazy interesting place *squints in judgement at @Chattaneer) GET THAT BBY!!!!!!! I think girls seem more fun than boys...until acrylic nails get involved.
  18. Is your name...Snape, Snape, Serverus Snape?
  19. FYI - Girls forum = mostly talk about periods, makeup, and hair, tbh. Mostly a way to keep us contained/prevent us from talking about it in spam threads.
  20. *is impressed you hacked snapchat*
  21. I mean, I feel like if you really want to find someone's name on the forum, you will. Unless you join the EB girl chat and then you figure out everyone's name.
  22. I had chickpeas for a snack earlier, so wasn't too hungry. JK Lunch = half my kale salad + some baby carrots + slice of sweet potato pie w/ whipped cream.
  23. JayKay PE

    EB Mafia

    So I now know @Audi driver, P.E. is either my father's age, which means he is old, or he is severely underestimating my age. Or option 3: Thinks everyone has children when young, move into a trailer together, and get Mountain Dew mouth in wedded bliss.
  24. It's Friday! I could go out drinking tonight with a meetup group orrrrrrrrrrrr eat some of the crockpot roast I'm making tonight, get some apartment stuff done that I keep putting off, and watch some Korean rom-dramas. I already know what I'm leaning heavily towards. 👀
  25. As someone who grew up in NYC/LI area: I've always wanted to punch his face because he's a slimeball banking on daddy's payroll while committing business fraud. A dime a dozen in NYC, but then he became president and...ugggggh. Now I've got to see/hear more of him.
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