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  1. JayKay0914

    October 2018 Exam Study Progress

    When I say "studying" the night before on Thursday, I really mean re-reviewing my completed NCEES exam and confirming that it really isn't that hard (AND THAT I CAN DO IT). I actually get filled with nerves before an exam, not "oh I'm going to fail"-nerves, but more "I've got to do this! I can do this! Why can't I sit for the exam right now! I'm the best!"-nerves (I assume like an athlete before a game?), so studying/reviewing the night before helps calm me and remind me that the test is just another day and that I know this stuff. Didn't help with me last exam, since the flu hit me halfway through, but it did mean that I got a 34 on the first half. T_T
  2. JayKay0914

    October 2018 Exam Study Progress

    I don't think the SoPE questions are harder, per se, they just are longer in nature? Like, they have multiple steps/situations to help you understand why/what is going on in a problem and what may potentially be asked. I took the PE exam twice before, for Civil/Construction, and the PE exam in general for me was more identifying what they are asking for (and UNITS) and completing one or two calculation (this was even in the depth sections with crane weights/loads). The NCEES exam questions look very big/scary, but they can only ask so much for a timed examination, so often the solution is much simpler if you break it down. I think our best bet is to just keep working on problems, but also being smart and noting what is being asked, and what could potentially be asked, more than just mindlessly struggling to answer NCEES-type questions.
  3. JayKay0914

    October 2018 Exam Study Progress

    Suddenly hit me that I'm off-schedule studying and I need to get back on track. Of course the week I am taking off before the exam is when all my submittals are due to the regulators...*sigh*. I'm getting really nervous that I'll get distracted by work, and stop studying? My plan is to finish all my tabbing/SoPE questions tonight (no excuses!); I have a family party on Saturday, so I can't do anything, but then Sunday I'll start diving into my practice exams! I think Sun-Tuesday I'll just be doing "exam" questions, which should get me into a better mindset that the SoPE questions (which are longer and involve more of a 'learning to manipulate equations' than the 'plug-n-chug once you know what you're looking for' that I feel the PE exam questions are more like). Wednesday will be driving to upstate NY/relaxing/studying. Thursday...even though everyone says not to study, I know, personally, that I need to keep my mind engaged on doing questions or I will get out of 'exam mode'. Then Friday I'll drive to the New York State Fair to take my exam! At least I get to go to the Corning Museum of Glass after the exam, which is just the pick-me-up I'll probably need. Followed by polo!
  4. JayKay0914

    October 2018 Exam Study Progress

    Just printed out my exam authorization...all four copies of it, so I won't lose it before then. Getting nervous!!!! Going to finish my tabbing this weekend and then just do questions the next two weeks non-stop!
  5. Oh god, I shouldn't have gotten so excited about that clover question. As some who lives in farming country/grew up listening to crop cycles and other gardeners I was like, "Clover! That's a cover crop/rejuvenating crop! That adds nitrogen!" I think some of these questions are definitely put on the exam just to throw you off your groove!
  6. JayKay0914

    October 2018 Exam Study Progress

    Agreed. The practice problems were good, but the notes were all over the place. I think it was due to multiple authors getting involved and no trimming/streamlining happening when it was passed to another instructor. Remediation notes were the best/very straight forward! @vee043324 Not sure if I have the time to get the Cooper & Alley book, since I'm getting down to the line, but I have a pretty solid understanding of p-chem so I understand the thermodynamics/that type of stuff. Just need to study more!!! And the chemistry background has helped me sooooo much. I took advanced orgo in undergrad (only need one more class to be a double major), so I actually did titration and a lot of the methods that seem to be the basis for a lot of the exam? Helps me understand a lot of the degradation/daughter compounds and what not. Just hope it helps me on the exam itself!
  7. JayKay0914

    October 2018 Exam Study Progress

    Ooooof, my entire weekend was spent sleeping, eating, or studying. Got through all my air and water treatment sections, spending some extra time tabbing and reviewing parts that SoPE didn't really go through. Still having some trouble with the air sections, but that is mostly due to the way SoPE organizes it...which is fairly poor. My orgo background is really helping me with understanding some stuff and make some things (like converting masses/concentrations through a balanced formula), pretty easy. Not going to lie, finished the SoPE assessment/remediation/safety section and it was all stuff that I do at work! So not feeling totally positive, but I do feel like I won't be in too bad shape if I keep studying! Going to start doing some tabbing during the week as well as I lurk in the forum.
  8. JayKay0914

    October 2018 Exam Study Progress

    I've just started getting into my heavy-duty study schedule (I kinda started on weekend in August, but then had a long vacation that set me back). I took the Civil/Construction exam the past 2 times and missed it by only a few questions, so I decided that I would switch to the Environmental PE exam since I'm not going to be moving the CA anytime soon. As I'm starting to go through the questions/problems and general class info (SoPE) I'm realizing I know a lot of this stuff already since my master's was in environmental/waste water treatment processes and my current occupation is an environmental consultant in the NYC-area (aka; brownfields, CWA, USACE nonsense are a semi-normal aspect of my daily life). It doesn't make me more comfortable, per se, but it does make me a little easier going into the exam because I'm not learning entirely new concepts like some of the Civil stuff was. Now I'm getting into the tab-solve questions in my SoPE notes after I took the weekly class (to confirm I actually know the concepts) and working on extra problems on the weekends. I don't think it'll be easy going, but I do feel a little more confident. Also helps that my new company is very "failure does not mean you're not smart" mentality, which does help since my last company was very "you better pass, everyone who takes it in this company passes on the first time". Still getting nervous as the day gets closer. Sucks because I'm missing out on some great pumpkin picking out here.
  9. JayKay0914

    New enviro members

    Hello! Long time lurker of the forums, but first time posting. I've taken (and failed) the PE twice for Civil/construction-depth, and I finally figured I should attempt the PE in the field I am actually working in. I'm hoping a combo of SoPE and starting early, I'm hitting everything hard starting this week/post-vacation, will put me in good shape to pass this time (!!!). I'm sure I'll be lurking a bit more in here and responding to some posts if they're interesting!