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  1. JayKay0914

    EB Mafia

    I’ve only been really working out since the start of this year and the “workouts” from January to June were at Crunch fitness (group fitness classes with moms that were 25-minutes of squats and small weight movements). I joined a kickboxing class that was more expensive, but on the way home from work, and shit-I feel so gross at the end of class but I feel like I’ve actually worked out instead of getting kinda winded. The girls forum is really supportive and I’m lucky that my gym is also crazy supportive! I’m going to miss them when I leave, but I’m determined to at least attempt to keep working out! I like seeing real results! But CrossFit scares me and I’ll never get involved with that.
  2. JayKay0914

    EB Mafia

    Yeah! I dropped from 218 to just under 200 (like 199.5) just by finally starting to work out and keeping track of what I'm eating. I mean, I'll never be svelte, and it sucks that my thighs don't fit in my pants anymore, but I'm hoping I can lose just a little bit more since I think my metabolism actually is starting to kick in? I just have to keep working out and only eat pizza once a week instead of every single night. I'm always referring to bovine in one way or another in every conversation.
  3. JayKay0914

    EB Mafia

    To blave? And, as we all know, "to blave" means "to bluff," huh? So you're probably playing cards, and he cheated!
  4. JayKay0914

    EB Mafia

    ...as well as a couple other things! 😉 @RBHeadge PE Raw milk is a huge thing in the vegan/organic community out here. They think it 'cures' stuff because you're not removing the 'healthy organisms' with the heat of pasteurization. It's actually illegal in NYS unless you are one of, like, 2 small dairies. One just happens to be on LI with a guy who has been organic for like 30+ years (you know, before it was a thing and cool). Guy's really awesome and has a bunch fo chickens and is really no-nonsense about the milk. I think he has only 3 or 4 girls he milks, so it's not a huge production that he's shipping out everywhere. Personally, I like ultra pasteurized milk because it lasts longer.
  5. JayKay0914

    EB Mafia

    Hahahahahahaha, I actually was just on a challenge diet when I had really balanced meals with good protein/carb/veggie ratios. I just...kinda ignored it this last week and now I'm trying to get myself back on track! I just need to go to the gym more and drink more water/my protein shakes instead of getting an egg over easy, cheese, salt, pepper, on a toasted and buttered sunflower flagel.
  6. JayKay0914

    EB Mafia

    Scientific fact: When gas leaves a decaying body, the change in pressure often sounds like a dying declaration. tru facts.
  7. JayKay0914

    EB Mafia

    That's the same? I mean, farm eggs are around $5/dozen. If I'm getting it from Costco, I can get the price to drop a little. Am going to miss raw milk, though.
  8. JayKay0914

    EB Mafia

    I think the price is going to be higher since it's close to Mass Ave, which is the main 'downtown' for Indy with all the restaurants/events/etc. I have been looking at apartments around there and they're around $1100 starting + parking (around $100) + all utilities. If I was looking for something with a washer/dryer, it either pushes me into the boonies and increases my commute (which I want to avoid at all costs if possible since I def think my long commute is why I burned out here in NYC) or the rent goes up to something like $1350+parking+utilities. It's my own fault for wanting to be close to a city-feeling while I'm here, since I hear it's very...dull once you get around 15-20 minutes from Mass Ave, where everything gets very suburban very fast.
  9. JayKay0914

    EB Mafia

    Literally, this would be like $1800+ where I am now, and wouldn't have parking/none of the utilities would be included. I am so confused by price points in Indianapolis. I think they're joking half the time when they're like, "Rent this house for $500!"
  10. JayKay0914

    EB Mafia

    I was going to, but someone actually messaged me on reddit about an apartment that they signed a year lease on (but they just got a job on the east coast, so they're trying to find someone to take over when they leave mid-September). It's a little smaller than I wanted, but the layout fits with the size and the kitchen looks good if I get a butcher block. It's within walking distance of the main 'downtown' without being in the really loud/ultra expensive areas, the two gyms I've been eyeing are pretty equidistance from here, and it's only 2-miles from work. I mean, I could do airbnb, but this seems like a kinda good thing to fall into my lap? They told me there are only 12 tenants in the building, so the laundry room literally looks like the picture, and the landlord seems really responsive (based on what they said). *And they just told me I'd be on the top floor, so, THANK BE TO GOD, no children running around above me when I'm trying to sleep* https://indianapolis.craigslist.org/apa/d/indianapolis-1-bedroom-1-bathroom-in/6961281869.html Thoughts?
  11. JayKay0914

    EB Mafia

    Ugh. Stressing about apartments in Indiana.
  12. JayKay0914

    EB Mafia

    I feel like rice cakes are a ton of carbs, but I might do a slice of killer bread and that might work. Ever since I stopped the challenge last week I feel like I've just been eating and eating and eating, and I need to get back into the 'smaller portions/smaller meals' mindset again. I LOVE UNSALTED ALMONDS @ChebyshevII PE, but they're kinda expensive? I might track down my bag of walnuts...? As for avocados...I am terrified of opening them/I'm going to cut my hand off.
  13. JayKay0914

    EB Mafia

    Yeah, trying to do non-salty/non-dairy. I didn’t have dairy/white bread the last six weeks for a kickboxing challenge and I lost 18-lbs, but now I’m scared of gaining it back (I’ve always been chubby polish lass trying to flee...everyone). I think I’m going to start eating the yogurt again (thanks for reminding me RB) and maybe start doing the protein shakes again. Unfortunately, my family keeps eating my meals and leaving cookies around the house.
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