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  1. JayKay0914

    Whatcha Playin?

    When I was first watching my brother play it, when it first came out, we spent around 2+ hours just catching frogs in the first area. My parents were concerned when they came down and saw us happily collected random food-stuff so we could cook.
  2. JayKay0914

    Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    Sad soup = Soup in a can, often reheated in a pot over a small, open flame, inside my cubicle. It is often no hearty and does not fill your stomach for long. BUT. I did not eat sad soup! I ate half a bagel and then was taken out to lunch at Zinburger and got a wonderful burger with carmelized onions, manchego cheese, and a fried egg!!! The holiday spirit is alive and well!
  3. JayKay0914

    NY License Watch OCT 2018 Exam

    Welp, there's only been 2 licenses uploaded today. Neither of them K's. I'm kinda giving up hope of anything coming out today. I'll have to wait until next week (siiiiiiigh).
  4. JayKay0914

    Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    Sad soup for lunch...Or a double bagel? ...I want comfort bagel.
  5. JayKay0914

    Random Topics 3.1

    Another morning, another flagel. Time to plan out my weekend because I've been forced into being sociable. It is the worst thing in the world.
  6. JayKay0914

    NY License Watch OCT 2018 Exam

    The stamp itself (like the rubber?) or the stamp ink? I've only ever seen stamp ink as black, which I think has to do with the legality of it. I've never seen official documents signed in blue ink, and even at the bank, have you ever signed a mortgage or document in blue? I think the black ink is the standard for anything to do with legality in NYS. Also, I too am a "K"-last name and I am kinda dying when I saw multiple "Z"-names. 😨
  7. JayKay0914

    Whatcha Playin?

    I feel like you guys are all really, really, intense gamers and I'm like, "I just started playing Spyro on PS4! My nostalgia meter is through the roof! I like games that give you a %-complete, but don't make it ridiculous to get!"
  8. JayKay0914

    Random Topics 3.1

  9. JayKay0914

    Random Topics 3.1

  10. JayKay0914

    Random Topics 3.1

    AH JEEZE. Can't I just put out one of those traps with the rope on the floor and hope I catch something? Not actively hunting?
  11. JayKay0914

    Random Topics 3.1

    They just keep eating and shitting and eating and shitting and eating-and then one stops shitting, and it becomes an ISSUE that involves a VET VISIT-but then they start eating and shitting again. I could never survive having kids if I can barely take care of cats. I'll just have to stay single my entire life.
  12. JayKay0914

    Random Topics 3.1

    Technically an 8lb cat should get 6 oz of food a day (like a single one of those big cans?)...But I've got two cats, both huge. One is 12 lb and the other is a good 16lb+, so I go through x4 of those normal cans a day. Have to have no grain, because the smaller cat does a delightful "vomiting while running" is she eats anything with corn in it, leading a nice trail to follow in each bedroom as she freaks out/vomits. Also no dry food because, again, the smaller cat likes to scarf it down and then vomits it everywhere half digested. The bigger cat is a food hog/can eat her weight in anything each day, and if she doesn't have high protein food she really will eat everything; when we were switched to dry food/lower calorie, she just kept killing all these random animals in the yard and eating the torso (I'm talking full size squirrels, picking fights with the raccoons, stealing loaves of bread of the table). High protein at least stops the dead bodies piling up on the deck and she won't steal the groceries anymore I hate researching cat food brands and I wish I had normal, no weird diet, cats.
  13. JayKay0914

    Random Topics 3.1

    I just spent over $200 on food for my cats...They need to start eating less.
  14. JayKay0914

    Random Topics 3.1

    But what if I want some nail polish for my finger’s fingers?