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  1. I loved this so much! It was really funny/oddly serious sometimes, and it hit almost every type of western trope you could think of. Actually thought it was based off a book, based on the book during/throughout the show. I really think you'll enjoy it! tbh, I haven't watched anything past season 2. Thinking of just rewatching from the beginning since the episodes aren't too long.
  2. I don't mind eating the same thing throughout the week for lunch or dinner. It's when I have to eat the same thing throughout the week for lunch AND dinner. Hell, I used to have the same lunch for a good 6-7 years when I was in highschool/most of college: Peanut butter sandwich. Apple. Water.
  3. Yeah, original flight was through Detroit. The only return flight was through Chicago and was United. My dad booked it, got $200 off with points, but it was difficult. I'm def avoiding Chicago airport unless that is my final destination. T_T
  4. Woke up on Monday after a flight from hell/driving from Chicago to Indy after an ultra-delayed/potential cancellation and realized I had off (whaaaaaaat?). Decided I needed to use up a good amount of potatoes, due to a semi-moldy one lurking at the bottom of the bag causing some to begin to turn. Made a huge batch of potato soup with some celery + onions + head of garlic, idk 3lbs of potatoes? 6c. water + a few of those chicken bouillon cubes. Came out adequate. I always forget to skin the potatoes, and since it's just me feeding myself, I don't care if the emulsion mixer leaves a couple behind. Def good for cold weather/froze the majority. Took a big batch of chicken chili from the freezer, will prob make some rice for it tomorrow. Meal prep is hard when you're only prepping for one person...Means I can't get too creative since I end up cooking in batches for a family of five instead of a family of me.
  5. Eh. A majority of sushi stuff is shipped following landing on US soils, so it's not the freshness that's concerning. It's more the fact that they've...modified the sushi profile to fit Midwesterner tastes, which is the thing getting me all confused. I'm going to keep searching, but for right now the new sushi guys who are in the hospital are really open to modifying the rolls so they're, you know, normal, and seemed excited when I was like "crunch, no extra sauces, please keep it clean".
  6. ...I'm allergic to pork and would need to use that while complaining after eating bacon. T_T
  7. Personally, if you're going to try a camp recipe, I'd make a mini fire in the backyard and try. Usually my family did something like this in our fire pit during the summer. We'd do the potatoes/hobo meals in the fire as it warmed up, stick the cast-iron in the fire to pre-warm, and mom would make stuff while we toasted marshmallows and stuff. Unless you bring charcoal briquettes out when you camp? I mean, they do heat/hold heat a different way than a normal campfire would.
  8. Recipe for soup? I do a potato leek soup with scallions and I usually don't add a lot of herbs since I sauté the onions/leeks/scallions/garlic beforehand, so I'm curious since I've never thought to have butternut squash soup (but it sounds delicious).
  9. I'm assuming you wouldn't do a cream cheese frosting for the poptarts, since you want it to firm up? Maybe like a royal icing? I'm eagerly awaiting the results! Also, someone at work was ridiculously happy when I said I make sweet potato pie (he exclaimed something like, 'white women only make pumpkin pie here?! My wife and I need to adopt you!"), so I guess that means I need to start practicing. I need a better pie crust recipe. I don't know if I should go butter crust or vodka/butter crust or Crisco crust. I'm horrible at pie crusts, I never get them flaky enough, but I'm trying to figure out what would go best with sweet potato? Monday I think I need to make a big batch of my pumpkin spice. I hate the flavoring that the 'pre-packaged' pumpkin spice is mostly just cinnamon; my blend has more cloves and ginger.
  10. I'm feeling very discriminated against due to the 'no turkey bacon' rule. I need an adult.
  11. I think this thread originally was a 'baking-only', but it's turned into more of a cooking thread? I like to do a lot of 'one pot'-cooking when I camp, so feel free to ask. I don't think anyone will shun you for posting delicious questions vs. only treats.
  12. ^^This is the horror I volunteered for as I walked into the semi-gilded harness of the government wagon. Hopefully I can transfer after 3-years if their niceness doesn't kill me first. PEOPLE WERE TALKING IN THE GROCERY STORE. AND I DON'T THINK THEY EVEN KNEW EACH OTHER. IT'S MADNESS.
  13. Yeah, I know all about the hassle of transferring from one brokerage to another, which is why I think I want to keep my Fidelity and Vanguard separate for the time being (plus I'm still dealing with the whole, 'trying to get out of the managed account'-thing with Vanguard, which is taking way longer than necessary/requiring phone call meetings/etc., so I don't want to make that even more confusing by transferring in funds). As for the Roth CDs....Yeeeeeeaaaaaaah. I know I've prob been losing money on that whole deal, but I like having a chunk of money in my account for the exact reason you stated: I don't really have an emergency fund/I was thinking of maybe using this Roth money as a down payment on a house. I'm only just getting my expenses under control due to student loans/poor choices while in college, and unfortunately I was attempting to do this in the NY/LI area on a single income. Which meant it was really really slow going with the nation average income not actually making a high COL area livable (who knew?). I'm hoping now that I've moved, even though I'm making less I'll be able to save more due to the COL actually being...normal? Also, I didn't have a Roth account set up with a brokerage, since I didn't know what I was doing with the money/didn't know if I was going to attempt home ownership, but once that gets established at Fidelity I might actually transfer my 'big' Roth certificate out but keep the traditional ones in there so I can keep my account perks for having a high balance. Of course I'm going to have to attempt all this remotely, since this is all at my CU account back in NY. Might have to bug my dad about this, since he's still joint on my account, so I can just give him a typed out 'please do this on my account' and they shouldn't bother him.
  14. MIDWESTERNERS. *shakes fist to the sky* The sushi guys obviously have regular mayo, so they can mix/make spicy mayo, but whenever they mentioned it was spicy half the time the people were like, 'can I have regular'? AND I THINK THEY JUST ROLLED WITH IT.
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