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  1. JayKay0914

    Random Topics 3.1

    YES. All the alcoholic cider! And breweries!! And vineyards!!!
  2. Wooop, just found out Letterkenny now has all 6 seasons on hulu. No more depressing nonsense. Just more great quotes like, "Fuck, Lemony Snicket, what a series of unfortunate events you've been through, ya ugly fuck."
  3. I recently watched a documentary on the Jonestown massacre. I fee like a lot of my recent shows are documentaries of horrible things that happened either right before I was born or when I was little and didn't watch the news. World is f'd up, man.
  4. JayKay0914

    runner fights off mountain lion attack...

    All the other mountain lions when they read this in their mountain-lion themed, daily digest:
  5. JayKay0914

    Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    Fajita chicken with peppers/onions + homemade applesauce. I don't know if I like either, but I cooked it...which means I need to eat it. 🙁
  6. JayKay0914

    How do you exercise your creative side?

    This is really cool looking! Was this a pic taken at night/in the dark, or did the flash somehow separate out the colors (I ask this as someone who is completely ignorant of photography and never takes her camera off 'auto')?
  7. JayKay0914

    runner fights off mountain lion attack...

    I feel like this just proves my point that running is bad for you.
  8. JayKay0914


    I feel weird. Whenever I go to Vegas I always end up going to Polo Towers. No casino in the hotel, and it's under my family timeshare (aka; pretty much free), but the bridge to Cosmo is literally right out to door...as well as the Taco Bell. I feel like my Vegas is a lot more boring than everyone else's. 😓
  9. JayKay0914

    What is this thing?

    I was more interested in that fact that the woman was running around and her hair wrap stayed in place. Wowza!
  10. JayKay0914

    Bring Back the Lunch Thread !!!!

    A nice meal of black beans and rice for lunch today. Super filling and it emptied my cupboard a bit!
  11. JayKay0914

    NY License Watch OCT 2018 Exam

    Yup! They're still updating, slowly, with maybe 2-3 names a day. My name hasn't popped up yet, so I keep panicking and logging into NCEES to confirm that the green pass is still there. 😟
  12. JayKay0914

    It's Friday!!!!

    It's Friday. 4pm. And I got little to no work done today. I've lost my drive right now! T_T
  13. JayKay0914

    Whatcha Playin?

    Is anyone playing the new Kingdom Hearts? I really want to start playing this, since I was one of the weirdos who playing almost every game that was released (except for the weird Japan-only cellphone game), but I also know I'll easily get sucked into it and stop doing gym/enjoying things. I think I'll see if my brother picked up the pre-purchase and I'll pop in every once in a while when he plays...maybe I'll play it once the hype dies down/more reviews come out to say if the 15-year wait was worth it.
  14. JayKay0914

    Random Topics 3.1

    I didn't even know those were a thing? Idk, I can at least control a horse. Elephant seems a little too out of my paygrade. And there's just something cool about seeing new things from horseback!
  15. JayKay0914

    2018 NFL - EB Pick EM

    I know nothing about the Super Bowl, but I am excited about the snacks I get to eat! And my uncle explaining what certain calls mean during the game, and what simple football terminology to me (he's a die-hard Jets fan with a son who is a die-hard Giants fan, so it's disappointing in general for our family). All I know is that I'm not allowed to like the Patriots and Tom Brady is old as fuck for what's he's doing? Does this mean football players need to go out to pasture at a certain age?