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  1. Yeah, everything here is pretty much sold-out until Wednesday. So I'll just wait. No biggie for me.
  2. I wonder how that would change if it was 21+ vs. 15+, because of legal drinking age/Americans not really going hard in liquor until college ageish.
  3. For Germans, drinking is in celebration, for Czech, drinking is lifestyle.
  4. I don't want to go to the gym tonight...Also I need to pack my car with some stuff to bring to my parents. Moving! Yay!
  5. Spamming for the sake of it means you have to do double the spam to make it worthwhile. The Spam Gods are very particular about their offerings. They only want 'good' spam. None of this 'I was doing it to do it'-spam.
  6. To tell the truth, I don't know? It is a weird like, Czechoslovakian, saying my grandma used to say all the time. Again, don't know if it's actually applicable to what I was saying? And I'd totally rather have my fail or pass told after a longer period of time. Which means I could get caught up in work and not worry too much about it.
  7. Hell, I didn't want results even when I was waiting for results. I'd rather have a wolf lurking outside my door than having it confirmed it's actually a bear.
  8. I don't want results...but I love spamming. This is a horrible conundrum to be in. Life is hard.
  9. *uses Echo Screen on @ChebyshevII_PE
  10. Ah! I went to that festival last year, which I think was it's last year/it's not being hosted this year for some reason! That is really close to my parent's other house in Ithaca. Gotta love that area, though they got all pissed that a downstate winery won more Riesling awards than them.
  11. That is the one good thing about NYC: if you want a specific-type of food, you can most likely find it. It was really funny when I went to Vegas and a lot of the restaurants I was like..."I can get this at home? Why would I got the STK when it's literally at home?" And I would never do well in CA! First off, I don't have my PE/it can't be transferred. Secondly, you guys enjoy your life too much and as a NYer, if I'm not complaining/angrily speed-walking to someplace I'm already 15-minutes late for, I want nothing to do with it. Then again, I do love our vineyards and farmers markets.
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