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  1. JayKay PE

    EB Mafia

    Ditto. I am so happy to go to bed early, especially since I’m going into work tomorrow for 6:30am pipe work. At least I’ll be getting more comp time so hopefully I won’t need to stress about the family vacation in June and the wedding stuff.
  2. JayKay PE

    EB Mafia

    Here is Day 1 (I was drunk): 4 @Audi driver, P.E. (square, Audi, mee2, cheb) 2 spickett ( vhab, madamP) 1 @ChebyshevII PE (jpaul) 7 @MEtoEE (txj, chart, lycee, bly, spickett, leegggo, tj) 1 @jean15paul_PEl (roar)\ 1 @ChaosMuppetPE (choas)
  3. JayKay PE

    EB Mafia

    Are you talking about the summary in the actual narrative, or the one I post in the thread during the voting? In the narrative I list them from high to low (based on the number of votes) The vote summary during voting usually has the voters (i.e., the people who voted to lynch) in the order they voted, but I never make it a conscious choice since when people start changing votes I move names by highlighting/dragging from line to line.
  4. Ooooof, so, seems like I might be coming in this weekend to see the in-house crew replace some sanitary piping...which has been dripping grease in the basement. I am afraid of seeing what is in those pipes, tbh, but I also would rather come and see it than tell the contractor one thing and then get a CO for something different.
  5. JayKay PE

    EB Mafia

    YOU'LL GET IT ON THE THIRD TRY LIKE ME. Maybe take a break from studying if you did the last two exams back to back? I was really burnt out when I did that the first time. Did a 6-month break, got the rest of my life in order, and then studied like a boss! I actually planned out my actual work/study schedule and what I was covering on the weekends. I took a class, so I usually had Saturday as re-review the class notes and tab and then Sunday was do all the practice problems in my notes/tabbing my reference book. I was more methodical instead of cramming everything in and really knew my references better (I actually took in less during my last exam than previousl).
  6. Hey, yo, buddy, pal, friend. *pat pat* These things happen. I know it probably sucks doubly hear because so many people are posting about passing, but it takes a lot of strength to be one of the few people to actually post about failing. PE pass rates are never that high. You can try again and you will pass. It took me three times before I passed. Take the weekend. Calm down. Hydrate (real water! Not hillbilly water!) and make a plan in maybe a week or two. Give yourself two weeks of not thinking about the exam at all. Enjoy the holidays and start the new year fresh!
  7. I don't think it's that bad...but they have a huge office that is just...filled to the brim with stuff. I don't bring a lot of stuff into work, except maybe some knickknacks, so that is blowing my mind. Also, @Chattaneer, aren't you supposed to have a different name now?
  9. Guys. Kill me now. I just found out one of my older coworkers cc's themselves on emails they send. When I was sending and email they asked me why I don't, and got confused when I said I can just find the email I sent in my send box...I am worried.
  10. JayKay PE

    EB Mafia

    *weeps tears and uses mod powers to kill off tj in mind, even though they haven't been voted off*
  11. I think I want to make a honey cake or something this weekend. I mostly make cookies, because they're easy to grab/whatev, but I know I am going to make poppy seed cake for my dad/bring it home on the plane for Christmas. That is my Christmas Eve bake. Then I need to make springerle/anise cookies that weekend (since they taste better after they've been let to sit for at least 3-days). Def want to try something new on Sunday. Maybe doughnuts.
  12. Legendary for being gassy, fuck yeah. 😎
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