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  1. Wait. I only have 19 minutes left. ARE YOU STAYING LONGER. I THOUGHT WE WERE SCHEDULE BUDDIES?!?!?!
  2. JayKay PE

    EB Mafia

    We can squeeze you in, I'm sure!
  3. ...pane (a circle! I completed it! @envirotex)
  4. I just looked up something called the 'ketogenic Mediterranean' diet, which might actually be something I could do that would help get the tri down. Kinda like a keto diet, but more based on fish + poultry vs. red meat as the protein source. Going to research this a bit more. It might help push me on the right track.
  5. And I know keto might not be right diet for lower triglycerides, since it's a fat-based diet, but I want to look into making better decisions with what I'm eating.
  6. Honest reason? Both my parents are Type 2 diabetics and my super high triglycerides are caused by sugar + carbohydrates (I actually don't drink that much now that I'm older due to some alcohol co-dependency on both sides of the family). I lost the most weight/actually had my numbers decrease the most when I had a strict low-carb diet combined with portion control and upping my protein. I agree that keto might not be the answer, but my body is wired for carbs and I feel like I really need to start limiting them if possible. I'll still try to keep 'good carbs' in my diet, like beans, but limit them maybe to a cup a day instead of the serving I really want. Actually, I might just go back to the diet I had when I was kickboxing. It allowed carbs, but it had protein shakes during the day and required me to be more concerned about the portion of what I was eating, as well as having simple meals, than limiting. Like, 5 meals a day, but protein shakes for 2 of them, and it made sure I was eating all three meals. Idk. I just know, in general, I have to be more aware of my portions, but it's really tough since I'm shopping for myself...and having that much food in the house makes me get lazy and ignore the healthy stuff I buy.
  7. Ugh. Got my blood work back...I was doing better in November, but things have gone up again (specifically my triglycerides). I have a doctor appointment next week back in NY. I'm going to seriously discuss the keto diet with him , exercise is good but I know I need to start focusing again on portions and limiting carbs. Depending on what he says, when I get back from vacation I might offload all my 'carb' groceries off on my co-worker who has two kids. Get rid of the milk + snacks + rice + whatever I have in the apartment. Also going to start trying to keep a food journal again w/ calories. Have to rework my whole lifestyle and be serious about this. I'll bank some extra money this paycheck so I can buy everything when I return and start fresh.
  8. JayKay PE

    EB Mafia

    Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Work picked up for both of us, so we had to drop (strange how the government works during a pandemic). @MadamPirate PE, I'm in. But I'll be sporadic the first couple of days since I'll be upstate NY and internet will be weird.
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