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  1. I have decided that when I mod (this is only my second time), to make the story easier for me to write: there shall be themes. Usually there are not.
  2. You know what you'd be good at? EB Mafia. New round starting soon. Theme is cooking competition.
  3. JayKay PE

    EB Mafia

    Yay!!!!!!! I'll try not to kill you in a horrible way!
  4. I see what you're attempting to do here and I am disappointed.
  5. Thus why I only order iced tea from there. And maybe a cold brew.
  6. Oh yeah, I know not to get that one (I think my parent's have one, just to do cat litter, and that seems to be all it's good for). I think Dirt Devil is better for the mid-size/just starting to get bigger capacity vacuums. Sharks are amaaaaazing, but I don't feel like buying one just for a single carpet area. A ton of reviews are really positive for that Bissel model, so I'm hoping I can grab one before all the Black Friday shenanigans.
  7. JayKay PE

    EB Mafia

    My rage scarf is approx 5+ feet at this point. But I don't know how to do anything besides go back and forth. I don't even know how to end it/finish the border. So I only knit when I'm angry and need to do something. As for the only vaguely getting it...Welcome to the club!
  8. Prob something like this: https://www.walmart.com/ip/BISSELL-3-in-1-Lightweight-Corded-Stick-Vacuum/55566580 Real simple. I don't have any pets/children and I only have hardwood flooring w/ one carpet in the living room and a carpeted bedroom. Not really that much to clean, tbh, but I'm tired of using the little non-powered/dual brush push vacuum that came with the apartment (I feel like it doesn't really clean that well, since the carpeting is actually semi-plush). I've been checking facebook and the vacuums that are there are the really big/bulky vacuums which I really don't want to lug up three-flights of stairs.
  9. JayKay PE

    EB Mafia

    Right now I have 6, I think. Let me see if anyone else responds during the day and I'll let you know?
  10. JayKay PE

    EB Mafia

    USE UP THAT STASH. Or just be simple and make a rage scarf (but I feel like you're actually talented with knitting/crochet/whatever you do).
  11. Okay. Couldn't get the vacuum at the first place, and since I'm not here the rest of the weekend (wedding) the 4-day sale doesn't help. Maybe I'll go out on Thanksgiving, since I'm not doing anything/will prob use it as a day of napping/maybe I'll hit the gym in the morning. Friday I am working, but I could check out to see if there are any sales still around after work. If I care that much. I might just swing by Walmart and grab a 3-in-1 mini/baby vac. Tbh, that's prob all I need.
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