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  1. Matt, I encourage you to go through "How I passed TFS Exam" post in this forum. It has tons of information and tips from various people. It helped me a lot. I cleared PE exam after 16 years out of school in first attempt. You can do it! Good luck!
  2. Looking forward to get it. I hope they don’t bend my certificate.
  3. Did anyone receive PE certificate from board yet?
  4. Once you get PE number, visit above link to create your login. There you can update your contact information and employment details.
  5. Check below link to get exam score -
  6. TPatil

    Texas Results

    Yes, I have received an email from TBPE regarding the same subject. Stamp is ordered. Thank you for the reminder.
  7. TPatil

    Texas Results

    If you have submitted application, TBPE would have assigned PE number to you. Login to your board application to get the PE number. Another way to check is PE roster, it is updated.
  8. Big thanks to all contributors and advisors in this group. I passed the TFS exam, 88 percentile. For engineers who are planning, this forum is a very good resource of getting advice. My quick tips for those who are planning to appear in next exam - Concentrate on getting your concepts clear. Exam is not hard if your concepts are clear. Once your concepts are clear next thing is practice. As time is limited, you need speed to solve problems in time. Take your personal notes throughout your study. Organize them in a binder. It was a life saver for me. I carried only four books to the exam - MERM Personal Notes Binder Unit Conversion Book by Lindeburg Steam Table by Keenan
  9. TPatil

    Texas Results

    Yes, I had done that earlier while registering for the exam.
  10. TPatil

    Texas Results

    That's your hard work! Enjoy your pride
  11. TPatil

    Texas Results

    Login to your board application to see your PE number. PE roster is now updated and pulls my name as registered PE.
  12. TPatil

    Texas Results

    Those who have passed, you can see your PE card. I just printed mine! Enter your PE number and create login at below link -
  13. TPatil

    Texas Results

    Now y'all can check your scores. Link is updated! I got 88% in TFS!!
  14. TPatil

    Texas Results

    Do all candidates who passed get scores?
  15. TPatil

    Texas Results

    Texas out..Passed TFS!!
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