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  1. TPatil

    TFS: Oct 2018 Exam Thoughts

    I felt the same as expressed by many others here. Morning session was reasonable but afternoon session was a bumpy ride for me. Glad it's over. Wish you all good luck!
  2. TPatil

    Personal reference notes

    Thank you all for input. I will make a copy to be on safer side.
  3. TPatil

    Personal reference notes

    Hello, I have prepared and gathered personal notes written in my handwriting. They are several pages stapled and secured in a ring binder. My notes are in pencil. Are personal notes written in pencil allowed? I didn't find any specific notes related to this in NCEES exam guide. Thanks in advance.
  4. TPatil

    MERM appendix

    Please send it to me at imgreen2012@gmail.com Thanks in advance!