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  1. Hi, I tried google and all my references but I don't understand this: on the 13th edition of MERM, example 38.4 has: .....40F (A)dry bulb and 35F (B) wet bulb are mixed ........etc The solution has a specific volume of A as 12.65 ft3/lbm which makes sense. Then it has specific volume of B as 13.68 and I don't know where it came from. I verified the value from this online calculator (http://www.sugartech.co.za/psychro/index.php), but I don't know how it can be read from the graph. Please help! Thanks!
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    Thank you both!
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    For those that took the Thermal Fluids Exam in the new format, how much of HVAC topics do you need to know? According to the PPI study guide, it looks like all of MERM's HVAC section is fair play, is this accurate? Thanks in advance
  4. The Thermal study guide listed in the PPI study schedule lists the topics of MERM chapters 40-44 that are labelled under HVAC. Are HVAC topics fair play for the thermal test?