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  1. Only studied the parts that were covered by practice exam/practice problems using the MERM. I think if you know how to do a free body diagram and understand basic loading, it will get you far. Remember to know where to get information during the exam if something does show up.
  2. I passed the exam (October 2018) and I want to thank everyone who helped me (Thank you!!) in this blog and also add in my two cents. I took the TFS module based on my background even though my current job is nothing related to TFS. Started studying mid July, serious studying in August giving me ~ 3 months of self study. The books I used were: MERM 13th edition (Heavily tabbed, I wanted to save some seconds from having to look into the appendix even though I had the appendix printed out separately) Practice Problems for the Mechanical Engineering PE Exam-(did all the relevant sections in this book, no real benefit other than for the power cycle section where repetition helped me, if I had to do it again I wouldn't purchase this book or I would do the book at the end after mastering all the concepts) Thermal and Fluids Systems Six-Minute Problems - This book may frustrate you at first, but go over it at least three times, the problems help you learn concepts and it is overkill but it helped me. I skipped a lot of problems that seemed irrelevant due to the new exam format Thermal and Fluids Systems Reference Manual for the Mechanical PE Exam - this is a good book to do more practice problems, but I found myself pulling my hair out a couple of times because the book had mistakes, the e-book didn't have them updated either...I plan to write to them showing the mistakes so be cautious if you purchase it. PE Mechanical Thermal and Fluids Systems Practice Exam -Not much different from the older edition, only a handful of new information but it helps NCEES PE Mechanical Engineering: Thermal and Fluids Systems Practice Exam - purchase this, it should be obvious, it is from NCEES and I thought it was a good representation of the exam structure compared to other books. I had an older NCEES exam with me too and the problems were almost the same. I took all the above books for the exam. The table on the exam was big, I had these books in a carry on luggage and referenced the practice books more than once during the exam. Other items I took for the exam are: Two calculators, if you use casio fx11, use the RCL function to save any conversion factors One note book with common conversions and some problems/notes that I thought was useful (about 15 pages total) Conversion book Psychrometric charts on 11x17 from links posted on this forum (colerado) in color and multiple ones, color helped during the exam Steam tables (one posted in the forum from Audidriver, I wanted to save time from iterating) Two rulers, straight and right angle Snack, water, Aspirin A binder with online notes I found for certain topics, when I felt MERM wasn't sufficient, I did not take all the problems I did, I left it at home, it would be a waste of time to go hunting for similar problems and leaving them at home was the only way to avoid doing that during the exam. Additionally you will find that any question you have on NCEES or other practice problem, the solution is probably already covered by this forum or youtube (Dr Tom) which I found very useful. Slay the PE's website had some good graphs too that I printed and took for the exam. Night before the exam: took off from work a bit early and I actually did review some notes (even thought most folks say not to) and the morning of, during coffee I reviewed a little bit too Day of the exam: Ate something good for the tummy (plain and simple) and went to the exam site early, waited outside in the cold until they let us in and sat for the test. First module I did not skip over what I didn't know and wasted time and rushed through the end, but knew better for the second half and skipped what I didn't know and second half went smoother. In summary: You don't need to read each page of the MERM, when you do practice problems, you will see yourself flipping to the same page/chapter, know those chapters well and where to find the information When you do practice problems, learn the concept so you aren't hoping to get similar questions on the exam Make the exam your priority for a few months, the hard work will pay off Try to keep calm during the exam, few problems frustrated the crap out of me, and I learned to skip them till the end You might get curve ball questions, ones you have never seen or topics you didn't expect. So use your appendix wisely or skip the problem, you do not need to get 100% to pass the test Don't forget to give back! This forum helped me and I want to repay Best luck to all!
  3. Congratulations! & how did you know the "88 percentile"?
  4. Kohos

    TFS Lindeburg #33

    Thank you! and yes I did notice in the NCEES practice problem we are given all K or equivalent length values
  5. Kohos

    TFS Lindeburg #33

    yes 6.4 was my typo, it should have been 4.6 but I am still not getting the solution values. I opted to use k values, so I have: 5-long radius 90 elbows: 5x0.9 = 3, 1 gate valve - 0.19, 1 sharp edge - 0.5 Total k = 3.69 Total loss = kv2/2g = 14.68 The the 40ft length loss comes to: 9ft so total for me = 26.68ft whereas solution has 16.7 ft following these steps: Book solution: K_entering = 0.5 Effective length with elbow and valve - 40+5*4.6+2.5 = 65.5 Giving total loss of 16.7ft Any advice would be helpful, I was under the assumption that either k or L_eq could be used but now getting different answers, I am not so sure anymore....
  6. Kohos

    TFS Lindeburg #33

    Hello, this is the book: https://ppi2pass.com/pe-mechanical-thermal-and-fluids-systems-practice-exam.html?mkwid=&pcrid=282914701360&pmt=&pkw=&pdv=c&slid=&product=METSPE&gclid=Cj0KCQjw6rXeBRD3ARIsAD9ni9AEuPdVtA214H2xNDVF1Y_Ge-rC_l5N5Vigz4Lbbos5hTap5z21FGQaAtqaEALw_wcB
  7. Condensed Problem statement: 40ft of 4in sch. 40 steel pipe containing five long radius 90deg. elbows + one gate valve + one sharp edge. V=16ft/s, f=0.019 Book Solution: K_entrance = 0.5 and all others included in the equivalent length as 40ft + 5(6.4ft) + 2.5ft = 65.5 and total head loss calculated as K*v^2/(2g) + f*(65.5)*v2/(2Dg) and answer = 16.7ft My method: K_entrance + K_all others = 0.5+5(0.6)+0.19 = 3.69 and total head loss = v^2/(2g)*(3.69+f*(40)/D) = 23ft I always thought the same answer is achieved whether we take K as a loss or included as an equivalent length, what am I missing here? Thank you
  8. Thank you! I did do those exact steps, went to the compressed tables and couldn't find the answer since it was too low. Appreciate the help from both, will keep this in my notes
  9. Yes, but at 40C, 1MPa>P_sat so wouldn't it still fall under compressed liquid? Hence my confusion.. Thank you!
  10. How do you know whether to read h_f at 1MPa vs. h_f at 40C? Thank you
  11. Thank you! I think I was staring at it for too long, now that I look at the problem again, I see how simple it is. I read it wrong, so grateful for everyone's responses and I hope to return the favor! And thank you for the links, will download the charts
  12. Hi, I tried google and all my references but I don't understand this: on the 13th edition of MERM, example 38.4 has: .....40F (A)dry bulb and 35F (B) wet bulb are mixed ........etc The solution has a specific volume of A as 12.65 ft3/lbm which makes sense. Then it has specific volume of B as 13.68 and I don't know where it came from. I verified the value from this online calculator (http://www.sugartech.co.za/psychro/index.php), but I don't know how it can be read from the graph. Please help! Thanks!
  13. Kohos


    For those that took the Thermal Fluids Exam in the new format, how much of HVAC topics do you need to know? According to the PPI study guide, it looks like all of MERM's HVAC section is fair play, is this accurate? Thanks in advance
  14. The Thermal study guide listed in the PPI study schedule lists the topics of MERM chapters 40-44 that are labelled under HVAC. Are HVAC topics fair play for the thermal test?
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