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    The only way to be sure would be to email the IL SE board liaison. I do know from reading some of the meeting minutes that they were discussing allowing ppl to take the exam before the 4 year mark so maybe they would let you take it since you are close. Everything is up in the air right now due to covid but the IL liaison is helpful and is good at reasponding quickly.
  2. Duke


    For fellow IL takers, I contacted CTS.
  3. Duke


    I was scheduled to take lateral in IL, just got the official cancelation email.
  4. Illinois/CTS is really beginning to frusturate me. How long does it take to update their own files with Pass/Unacceptable? Do any other IL ppl out there understand the relationship between the SE board and CTS and/or the reasons for the delayed release?
  5. @mikesltj23 Worked through the 5 stages pretty quick there...
  6. I'm still waiting on my results but I figure I'll feel the same whenever it happens. I can't help but be slightly embittered by this process and I can already feel the cost of the journey diminishing any future celebration...
  7. To anyone else from IL. My email exchange from the board.
  8. Agreed, well done. GL on the next shot.
  9. Just have to keep an eye on everything and see where the dam breaks. We can keep and eye on the chat, see if the NCEES pass rates get updated, check myNCEES(only effective depending on the state), and here in Illinois we can check with the testing service and the IDFPR both of which get updated before we are officially told which seems to be last among the states....... Can't wait!
  10. That logic doesn't follow. Just changing the name of the test doesn't imply they will release it any earlier than they have in the past.
  11. There is no more SE exam. It is now referred to as the PE Structural. https://ncees.org/engineering/pe-structural/
  12. Woah there watch the language. We can't use the "F" word in here. Unacceptable is the technically correct term. And as we all know...
  13. As the release approaches, I can relate to Homer here. Every morning I wake up there are a blissful few seconds before my memory kicks back in that I'm waiting for the best news ever, or another depressing run at it.
  14. It's just a distraction IMO, studying with ear plugs is my preferred way to study.
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