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    OCT 2018 - Vertical

    From what I've seen it takes 30/40 morning and A/A/IR/IR in the afternoon to pass. They are combined, failing morning or afternoon fails both.
  2. Duke

    OCT 2018 - Vertical

    @ Hindianapolis I felt "ok" on the vertical afternoon but the morning is what burned me. I hit a wall on too many of the AASHTO questions and a couple others. @ cal91 Unless you are a very gifted test taker and got high scores on very difficult tests in the past I would recommend taking them separately. I tried taking both and it didn't work for two reasons. 1) I ended up being spread too thin in my studies trying to make up knowledge gaps in both areas. 2) The last three hours on the second day are very challenging due to burn out. That being said people do make it in one go, but most of us don't.
  3. Duke

    SE Structural Engineering Ref. Manual Errata

    PPI was bought by another company so this may be a result of that. I have the STERM 9th first printing and I created a support ticket a month ago complaining about not having any posted errata, they send me the 2nd printing for free and said it was the best they could do. I'd answer your question but I don't have it on me, can update later. I can confirm.... No changes between the first and second printings were made on page 9-6