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  1. I like steel and timber the most. Steel because of it stress/strain curve, it's very strong with great ductility and can go fully plastic. Great properties for a structural material. Timber for it's ability to take large short term loads, and its practical uses as a light weight and easy to cut material.
  2. WimpLoSE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d696t3yALAY Please do let us know how the morning recheck goes.
  3. Thanks for sharing, can confirm CTS has posted.
  4. Goodness the morning is wrecking everyone.
  5. If you are posting your score please also post bridges/building and/or vertical/lateral. Thanks
  6. I'm sorry to keep asking but you literally left it blank? Like you turned in a completely empty booklet and passed lateral?
  7. Results are probably out, you can see your active license in IL before the results on NCEES too.
  8. Yes! Results will likely be posted today! But in states such as IL we won't see anything until days after release.
  9. I'm not convinced yet........ that they are intentionally killing pass rates for $$$ but I does give them negative incentive to, grade speedily, provide a decent practice exam, ect. IMO we really ought to get the solutions to the exam we took so we can actually learn for mistakes, I feel like $500 earns at least that. Can't do that though, less we become "competent" engineers and pass the exam.
  10. @Maya_206 I'm with ya. The grading time is unreasonably long and a full review becomes very difficult in that time when you have kids, family, ect...
  11. @FutureSE Thank you for being honest. One concerning thing I noticed with your objections is they are skeptical toward the ancillary elements of Christianity but don't touch on the lynchpin of it all, the resurrection of Jesus. If Jesus did rise from the dead then he is who he said he was and Christianity is true, if he did not then skepticism toward the rest isn't necessary because it would be false. I don't know what your personal "burden of proof" is but for me if it's more probable than not then I'd say it's perfectly rational to hold the belief. TBH I think agnostic/atheists who say this are either uninformed of the strength of the case of the existence of God and the evidence for Christ's resurrection or they are bias against it. I won't bother listing any now unless you want to talk further on this but there are several strong philosophical and evidential reasons to believe in the existence of God and the resurrection of Jesus. IMO it is pretty naive to think all Christians on the planet haven't fact checked and thought critically about their beliefs. Not trying to offend or argue, just my thoughts on this. Speaking on the grading of the exam Also a coworker of mine took the SEOI course and said that two people grade the afternoon with a rubric and if the scores are different then a third gets involved. Once that is done they run a statistical analysis and correct for "bad questions".
  12. And are you suggesting you believe Jesus is divine and a combination of the other two? Talking like you have been about it I figured it was safe to assume atheist or agnostic.
  13. Jesus was either a liar, lunatic, or lord. I don't see how this take is even rational lol.
  14. Good luck everyone! I wish I was as confident as you FutureSE. Please stick around if you pass!
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