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  1. Thank you for sharing! Did you take/pass the exam April 2018?
  2. Thank you!! I'm planning on taking the exam April 2019 ... I know it's a little far in advance but I feel like I would really benefit from the extra study time. A little background: I majored in biology in undergrad and after graduating I remediated some classes and earned my masters in structural engineering. Although I completed the majority of fundamental structural courses, in order to feel confident enough to take the PE exam I need to dedicate more time studying than maybe a conventional structural engineer would.
  3. I read this and it was very helpful, thank you! However, I'm the type of person who definitely needs to take a prep class as well. I know the four big ones: school of PE, EET, ASCE, and PPI ... I've heard so many mixed reviews and I'd love some insight/recommendations from someone who has taken one of the classes recently and passed the exam. My employer is paying for the class so money isn't an issue when it comes to picking a class. I've also heard that this past structural PE exam (April 2018) was by far the hardest--there was a lot of material that was not anticipated on the exam and would love to hear someones experience on how they prepared for this past exam or alternatively what they would do different next time around.
  4. I've been searching these engineering forums trying to find someone who has shared their experience preparing for the Structural PE April 2018 and have been unsuccessful ... I would really appreciate If anyone could share their experience and would also be willing to provide ANY advice as to: 1) What PE prep course to take? One that has a good breadth review as well as a structural depth review. 2) What study materials did you think were good to use while preparing for the exam? 3) What books did you take to the exam and use while taking the exam? ANY HELP WOULD BE MUCH APPRECIATED!!
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