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  1. The NCEES reference manual has a short section on conversion (Page 195 and 196 - the last two pages). It might be better to try to work out problems just with the manual but study with as many references as possible.
  2. Can confirm MI is out, I passed. thanks to everyone who helped (@txjennah and @vee043324
  3. I want to be ready if my first attempt results arent favorable. Who here is prepping for the CBTand how? I am going to try more problems but now that we won't have anything but the NCEES reference to use during the exam I am not sure how much I will need to memorize. Thanks fellow engineers.
  4. There is no chapter 21 in the edition I have. Can you please post what the question is if you can? I understand you found the equation, but I would be curious to know. Thanks!
  5. Did you print the entire FE handbook or only parts of it? AS far as I see all relevant material in the FE handbook is in the PE handbook too. What am I missing?
  6. I believe its going to be 80 questions from here on.
  7. Is this only in the new editions? I have one from 1994 and I can't seem to find the PE review problems
  8. Thank you @kmill23. That post is helpful. One last question though, is the eerm you used 3rd edition or 2nd or doas 8t not matter. I only have the 2nd edition. Thank you
  9. Thank you for the response. So did you primarily use the EERM during the exam?
  10. Since the test is going to be a CBT next year and that its already 80 questions only this year (both April and October) can the previous test takers shed some light on references needed. Did any of you feel like you could have done it with just the NCEES reference manual? Also was the difficulty level similar to the NCEES practice problems? Thanks!
  11. Thank you so much. I appreciate the help.
  12. Hi, I am really starting late and cannot do a review course. I was wondering what anyone who isn't taking a review course is using to review the material for the exam. I heard the Lindeburg book has a lot more material than needed and that the level of difficulty is much higher than the actual exam. Thanks! Or if people taking the review course guide me to which sections to look through in the Lindeburg book. I also have the Intro to Environmental Engineering by Davis and Cornwell, Air Quality by Cooper and have ordered a used copy of Lagrega for Haz waste.
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