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  1. I guess I should have been more specific. Evaluators touch the applications again after the CA exams are passed and forward a final list of "approved" applications to be issued a license number. I've called the board and they've confirmed as much. Theoretically this process should take a few minutes. This process of final review and forward for license number issue seems to take a reasonable 3-7 days for the H-O and P-Z evaluators, but 1-3 months for the A-G evaluator.
  2. What is your last name? The H-O and P-Z evaluators generally release license #s within 10 days of the receipt of a passing score. The A-G evaluator takes 1-2+ months...
  3. I am a structural engineer in California now and do seismic design every day. If you have previously passed the SE but don't do seismic design regularly, I would flip through a practice exam about a month out just to make sure the exam will be easy for you. Maybe spend 1 week getting resources together and refreshing. To describe the test content in more detail - Imagine the 3-4 easiest multiple choice questions on the SE - the CA test is basically 55 of those "gimme" SE questions.
  4. I didn't say the exam is a joke, I said it is a joke compared to the SE. Big difference. The poster asked about relative exam difficulty. The SE is an order of magnitude more difficult than the CA seismic exam and I wanted to stress that heavily in my post.
  5. I took the NCEES SE in another state several years before moving to CA. The CA seismic exam is a joke compared to the SE. I studied for two hours the night before and passed the CA exam on the first try.
  6. All, thank you for the replies. tj_PE definitely hit my concerns in their last post, above. I've emailed the CA board, but have received no response so far. I've tried calling several times, but a reviewer is never available when I call.
  7. Hello All, I am an engineer in Texas. Last year, I took and passed the 16-hour NCEES SE Exam and was granted a PE license in Texas. I never took the 8-hour civil/structural PE exam. I may move to California fairly soon, and am reviewing my licensing options. To gain a SE license, California requires engineers to pass the 8-hour civil/structural PE exam, pass the California Seismic Principles and Engineering Surveying Exams, gain three years of work experience, then sit for the 16-hour SE exam. I have a couple of questions: 1) Will California accept my 16-hour SE results in lieu of passing the 8-hour PE exam? I assume that I will probably have to take the California Seismic Principles and the Engineering Surveying Exams no matter what. 2) Will the CA board want me to sit for the SE again after I'm granted a California PE license and gain three years of work experience? NCEES probably won't even allow me to take the SE again! Has anybody dealt with this before? Thanks for any help!
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