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  1. rickaccused

    EET-SE Review

    So here is my experience with EETs. I signed up for the class a month late. It was grueling to try and catch up being so far behind. The binder is great information. But honestly, there is a lot more to the class than just the binder material. It's packed to the brim with stuff, but the instruction offered by Dr. Ibrahim and Dr. Zayati is awesome. Very informative and very helpful if you've got questions. That being said, I relied VERY heavily on the binder material during the exam itself and it helped in areas that i struggled with my first time taking the exam. I only utilized the course for the lateral portion as I managed to pass the vertical forces under my own studying. I recommend taking the class wholeheartedly. It's a bit expensive, but in my opinion is was well worth the expense.
  2. rickaccused

    Results From October SE?

    WHO SAYS THAT BULLSHIT CAN'T GET YOU A PASSING GRADE Edit: That being said, I wrote all of the stuff down that I knew how to do. It's awesome that got me far enough to get the credit on that stupid general analysis problem.
  3. rickaccused

    Results From October SE?

    I needed a break on this exam. This past year has been a nightmare after a nightmare. Each time my studying was interrupted by personal disasters. In the spring it was my grandmother passing away 3 weeks before the exam. This fall it was my son being born 15 weeks premature a month before the exam and spending every moment i wasn't sleeping or working, studying or in the hospital. I was praying that this exam would go easy on me. But as per usual, The exam was designed to hurt, break, and punish you for your career choice, and it certainly did that. Now all that is left is the waiting in Connecticut, but i'm really not holding my breath. Who knows maybe I got lucky and the exam grader was kind.
  4. rickaccused

    Taking SE Exam without ever taking PE Exam

    Fucking New Jersey.
  5. rickaccused

    SE Structural Engineering Ref. Manual Errata

    I sent them an message about this on facebook and got the following response. "Hi Rick, We used to have an Errata section on our website, but that is no longer available. I would recommend that you upgrade to the 9th edition, but make sure the eTextbook is included. If any errors are found in the content of the 9th edition, it will be addressed and updated in the etextbook digital version."
  6. Hopefully this doesn't violate the terms but I used the PCI for exactly one problem on the vertical portion. But it was extremely rudimentary.
  7. rickaccused

    April 2018 SE Exam Results

    Did you find any of these books to not be worth your time or did you find them all relatively useful?
  8. rickaccused

    EET-SE Review

    It appears I'm off to a bit of a rocky start. I signed up for on-demand and the software is telling me I need to wait for the presenter to arrive. I emailed the director to see if I'm missing a step.
  9. rickaccused

    April 2018 SE Exam Results

    I took and passed vertical last year but failed lateral this year. AM: 24/40 PM: Acceptable/Acceptable/Acceptable/Slight Improvement Needed. It is baffling the areas I was deficient in as those are the areas I do most of my work in. I guess living in the northeast not typically designing for seismic put me at a bit of a disadvantage. I think I didn't read the problems and the code-provisions I was citing closely enough. I need to read more thoroughly as to what they are asking and what the code is actually telling me next time.
  10. rickaccused

    EET-SE Review

    I think I'll be signing up to give this a whirl. I really can't afford the PPI or the ASCE courses. If this one doesn't work I'll try out school of PE. Just keep cycling my way through them. Given that I'm a bit late to the party, I think I will be relegated to the on-demand stuff.
  11. rickaccused

    Structural Depth April 2018

    I know I am a little late to the party. After the exam I felt violated by the AM section. The afternoon section I got through pretty easily. Turns out my intuitions were right. 24/40 on the AM and only one "Slight improvement needed" on the afternoon. Think I need to read the questions and the code provisions a bit more carefully. We'll see what happens. It's certainly proving to be more difficult to study in the summer than it was in the dead of winter.